Got to an Estate Sale yesterday. Didn't get what I wanted, but...

  1. The Quarter Box
    The Quarter Box
    Did pick up a bunch of tobacco premium felt flags and a few other things. One being a local bank dime bank. Date changes every time a dime is inserted. Had some coins in it, but no key. I paid the $6 and managed to open it without busting it. 10 dimes inside--7 silver (all rosies). Paid $30 for the 48 felt flags. I added the pictures to the group.

    What I really wanted to get were the advertising posters for midget car and indoor motorcycle races at the Atlantic City Convention Hall. One very large wooden sign sold even before I was able to get in, and it had a tag of $180. Once inside the others were priced at $120, 48, and for one of the smaller ones without any cars depicted on it, $12. From judging the photos I seen before getting there, I figured I'd be able to get between 10 and 30 each, and was looking to pop at 5 to 10 each. I didn't even make an offer, but might go back on Sat to see whats left and if there is any wiggle room.

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