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  1. Looking for a few 2019 Elite Spellbound

    Saquon Barkley (B)
    Patrick Mahomes (S)
    Khalil Mack (A)
    Emmit Smith (I)
    Jerry Rice (R)
    Baker Mayfield (L)

    Let me know what you’d be looking for in return.
  2. Hi Larry thanks for the reply, unfortunately all...

    Hi Larry thanks for the reply, unfortunately all I have for Rams is..

    2017 Optic Rated Rookie 151 Josh Reynolds
    2017 Optic Rated Rookie 179 Cooper Kupp
    2017 Optic Rated Rookie Red Yellow 179...
  3. Looking for historical and presidential cards

    Figured I would post in baseball wants since most come in baseball products.

    Have other rookies and inserts not in flickr but mostly football.
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