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Thread: New Trader Rules

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    New Trader Rules

    Some of this might come across as harsh but I feel nothing else seems to be working to get my point across.

    New members are required to send first until they hit 20 trades. I don't care how much feedback you have on other sites, if you're a power seller on Ebay or if you're the president of Topps--you're going to have to send first.

    This is to protect our established members from the many con artists and bad traders out there. Usually a bad trader will show his stripes so to speak before he hits 20 trades and con artists don't want to send first--ever. Lots of our current members have gone through the rookie phase here and even if they did not like it much at the time I bet they appreciate it now.

    Do the 20 trades and the rookie status is gone if you've proven yourself to be a solid trader, it's that simple. If you don't want to send first then don't trade here. If a new member says he won't send first please contact myself or another Mod and do not do the trade with that person.

    As a reminder to the rest of our established traders here--let the rookies send first. If you send out at the same time and then get ripped off you just defeated the purpose of the rule. Just 3 weeks ago I made a large confrimed trade with a new member, if I had sent at the same time I would've been ripped off as he has sent me nothing so far and will not respond to me. That trader has been suspended until he either makes good on the trade or tells me he won't (or if enough time passes by)--and then he will be banned. This is how we try to keep The Bench the safest trading site out there.
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    I joined here before the MSF vatar/rule was put in place. Even then I was asked to send first on my first 20(ish) trades. I complied wholehartedly without complaint. I wanted to and had to earn my reputation and respect of my fellow traders. Who in life gets something for nothing. Do freshman in high school get the same treatment as seniors? On your first day of a new job, do you expect the same pay, parking space, benefits and perks of a more tenured employee? I am sorry for the bad analogies, I am just trying to make it relevant for a lot of people here. I just do not recall EVER seeing a sophmore or recent call up to a varsity team get to start or the same playing time as the seniors.
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    i am in agrement with this post. when i first started here i also was asked to send first which was no problem on my part. i think it is fair to both traders on this rule as you have to establish yourself as a good member of the bench is not that hard to do twenty trades and send first the trades actualy come easy and quick. so lets just abide by the rules and keep this the best damn trading site on the internet


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    Its sad that many of established members dont heed these warning ,and then come to the mod team crying that they got taken.Its simple just abide by the rules set up for your protection.
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    I love the rule.

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    I was a mod for a long time prior to us adding this rule and I can tell you this rule has significantly cut down on the number of people who lose cards to bad traders. We still have new members who make trades and never send, but because they didn't send, they don't lose any cards.

    We frequently have problems with bad traders attempting to sneak back on. Sometimes, we don't sniff them out right away, but usually discover who they are within 20 trades. Obviously, a previously banned member will be banned with any new accounts they create. It is a lot easier for us to pull the plug on these new accounts when we know that our pulling the plug doesn't mean anyone with an open trade can forget about receiving their cards.

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    In my years here some great advancements have taken place, the new trader rule is without a doubt the best of all of them. I know it is a pain to be "New", but the good traders are not "New " here for long. Some of the most vocal against this rule when it was implemented are now the most vocal in support of it. Pat
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    That is why The Bench is The Best!

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    The rule is perfectly fine. Even though i arrived here before the rule was put into place, I had to send first for my first 10 or so trades. It helps everyone know the good from the bad. Another reason The Bench is the best!

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    the rule makes total sense! i sent first on my first 20, and not once was there a problem! great rule!
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    If you're an honest trader, sending first doesn't seem to be a big deal. I had to send first when I first joined, but after a week or so, my first 20 trades were complete and I didn't have just make your trades fast and furious
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    As part of the mod team, this rule has made our lives easier when the established members heed the rule and insist that the new member sends first. Like mentioned above, if a new member doesn't send then you aren't out a thing besides time. And to the new members, this will earn you a good reputation by getting the 20 trades, and a better rep if you do it without complaining about the rule every other day.
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    The thing that I don't get is why so many of the new traders are making such a fuss about it. I mean, it's the easiest way to protect the established members where, at the same time, allowing the new members to earn respect. I don't mean to offend anyone here (And if I do, I'm sorry), but I think those new traders who are trying to avoid the "new traders must send first" rule are those who we need to keep an eye on. If they aren't choosing to send first for one reason or another, I have a feeling they're the ones who are going to try and rip people off. AND I'M NOT SAYING THIS IS TRUE. I'M JUST SAYING THAT THIS IS A POSSIBILITY. If you want to be a scam artist, there's nothing stopping you at most trading sites out there. But here, don't sign up if you're not going to follow the rules, because it's not going to get you far.

    The new trader rule is indeed one of the big things that makes the Bench the best and the SAFEST trading site on the 'net.
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    I Agree with this rule.I remember when i joined it was my Goal to get that 20 trades.I didnt mind sending first either due to the Great rep this site has for Great traders. Jay
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