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Thread: Any mechanics??

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    Any mechanics??

    I don't know if I will have any luck with this here or not, but I figured there was no harm in trying The plastic "sealing" strip on my drivers side window of my car (2004 Toyota RAV-4) is about to pop in half and I don't know the best place to get a new one for a decent price. I called Auto Zone and O'Reilly's and neither place carried them; so I ended up calling the local Toyota dealership and they quoted me $130 for parts/labor. Really? It's gonna cost me that much to get a piece of plastic repaired?? Does anyone know where I could possibly get a better deal or somethin? Anything will be helpful at this point...thanks a lot!!!


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    Salvage yard.

    Are you talking about the weatherstripping?
    I am trading for my set needs listed on my www

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    Go to
    They have huge assortments of new and old car parts, their prices are very cheap and most of the time they have free or cheap shipping. Whenever I need hard to get parts or they wind up being too expensive at my local Auto Zones or Pep Boys, I always resort to JC Whitney.
    Good luck.

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    Jeff, yes it is the weather stripping. It's been loose for a while now, but with it being as hot as it is, it has about melted in half.

    crazed - I will check that out and see what I can find out, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangersfan1982 View Post

    crazed - I will check that out and see what I can find out, thanks!
    You're welcome, anytime.

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    Check with fellow RAV-4 owners here:
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