For me it was 1997 Donruss Signature Series Notable Nicknames Stan "the Man" Musial #/200.

It was kinda funny too because I worked at K-Mart at the time and we always got the cases of Vintage Sports Cards Boxes back in Sporting Goods with our freight, even though they were technically in the Candy Dept and located up by the service desk. Anyway in the fall of 97 or early 98 we got a bunch of blaster boxes of the 97 sig series. 2 packs 2 autos and and a screwdown holder for 29.99...well even though we were not supposed to do it I went through the box to "stock the freight" and low and behold the 5 boxes of Sig Series would not fit on the shelf, so I took them back to Sporting Goods and went on lunch. Put the boxes on layaway and picked them up on payday. Opened them on lunch and about fainted when I saw the Musial... know it was worth something but had no idea it was worth 300.00 until I looked at the Beckett. The other auto from that box was a Century Marks Wade Boggs. Both of which I have since sold.