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Thread: Best Card you've ever pulled

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    Best Card you've ever pulled

    For me it was 1997 Donruss Signature Series Notable Nicknames Stan "the Man" Musial #/200.

    It was kinda funny too because I worked at K-Mart at the time and we always got the cases of Vintage Sports Cards Boxes back in Sporting Goods with our freight, even though they were technically in the Candy Dept and located up by the service desk. Anyway in the fall of 97 or early 98 we got a bunch of blaster boxes of the 97 sig series. 2 packs 2 autos and and a screwdown holder for 29.99...well even though we were not supposed to do it I went through the box to "stock the freight" and low and behold the 5 boxes of Sig Series would not fit on the shelf, so I took them back to Sporting Goods and went on lunch. Put the boxes on layaway and picked them up on payday. Opened them on lunch and about fainted when I saw the Musial... know it was worth something but had no idea it was worth 300.00 until I looked at the Beckett. The other auto from that box was a Century Marks Wade Boggs. Both of which I have since sold.

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    in 2006 i went to card shop to buy some baseball boxes and there was none there but there was a box of 2006 bowman chrome football so i bought it i was not into football much but i pulled a redemption for a vince young orange refractor and when i finaly got my card it was vince young jersey number. i was stocked i ended up selling it for 600 to a big vince young fan. my hobby store man sold it for me so he proubly made him some money to
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    I pulled and sold these for over $2,000 and $600 respectively.



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    Nothing as big as those above me here but in the past I have pulled a couple of Musial autos, a Pujols auto, a Ripken auto, a triple auto of Ozzie Smith/Bob Gibson/Musial, a Jeter auto/GU #/10 and a Jeter printing plate.
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    Playoff Contenders Peyton Manning autographed rookie ticket insert, sold it for around $1300

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    Pulled a 1994 Upper Deck Mickey Mantle/Ken Griffey Jr. dual auto from a box of 2007 UD Spectrum. Still have it only because I can't find a card worth trading it for.
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    Back in 2002 Flair had jumbo patch box toppers in each hobby box, I pulled a 1/1 Jumbo patch of Pedro Martinez, it was the whole letter "B" from his Red Sox uniform. He was a "hot" pitcher at the time so it wne to Ebay and sold for right around $400.00.
    second best pull was probably 01 Bowman Heritage Barry Bonds auto

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    Trying to put together a master set of the GN's after pulling this one.............

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    This is the start of my 05 ToTT addiction.

    Pulled from my first box of Absolute Update.
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    My favorite was my Nolan Ryan autograph from the Topps Archive set I think back in 04 or 05. The best were my 2006 Alex Gordon Full Card - sold for over $700 and an A & G Chien Ming Wang auto that sold for over $300 but I cant remember what year.


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    Mine was out of a 2001 greats of the game blaster. I pulled a feel the game jersey of Babe Ruth. A nice $200 pull and my favorite player to boot. Pat
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    Back in 03 or 04 I decided I wasn't going to buy packs or boxes anymore, but I went and bought a box of 04 Topps Chrome and pulled a bat knob relic of Yaz, 1 /1.

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    I think the vast majority of my best pulls were from 05 Absolute Update.
    I sold all of these back in 05/06 got 700 for the MAris, 450 for the Ripken and 200 for the Schilling



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    2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Roger Maris cut autograph 1/4 - sold it on eBay for roughly $1,000 at the time.

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    Looking for Mattingly and Yankees auto's I don't Have

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