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Thread: May 2011 Trader of the Month

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    May 2011 Trader of the Month

    May 2011 Trader of the Month is:

    David K. with 59 Trades! Congrats to David on his 34th TOTM Title!!!

    Rounding out the top 5:

    2) bonzomoretti 50

    3) GotMelky 44
    dp33 44

    4) Dilferules 37

    5) dragonslayer913 35
    tom szczygiel 35

    Congrats to all of you, and keep on trading!

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    Nice work everyone!
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    Thanks! Congratulations to the other top four traders! Best regards, David
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    Go to collectorskip's ebay items

    And nice work to the rest of the crew.

    On small trades I use PWE but'll use a bubble mailer if you ask.
    Slow trader. Please be patient: I love trading, but I don't have enuf time for it, so it takes me a while.

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