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Thread: What was your first TTM?

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    What was your first TTM?

    Mine was Mike Schmidt. I was about 15 or 16 and got his address and he was nice enough to return the 87 Topps I sent him, signed.
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    1984 Fleer Update Juan Samuel, when I was bout 12. I didn't take care of it and I don't know what became of it but I was able to replace it a few years ago. It's one of my favorite old time and modern successes.
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    Derek Jeter on a few 2nd and 3rd year cards- and I still have all three
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    Received this one back in 1989...


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    Mine was Steve Kerr from the Chicago Bulls. The year he hit the 3pointer to win the game for the Bulls. Still today one of my favorite TTM successes!
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    The first real one I got back was Vladimir Guerrero back in his rookie year. Had a card from Scott Rolen and one from Chipper Jones that turned out to be signed by a auto-pen. I gave up on TTM when i found out about them.

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    I don't remember, but it would have been a 1987 Topps as I sent a bunch of those out that year.
    The players I remember getting are:
    Harold Baines, Jody Davis, Dwight Evans, Dale Murphy, Tim Raines and Tony Gwynn.
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    Mike Scott (Astros) sent out in 1988 (Still have yet to get it back)
    Gerald Young (Astros) was my first success around '88 or '89.

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    mine would have to be when i was going for my 1980 Phillies auto set i sent John Vukovich a 1980 card for him to sign.He only lived about 5 minutes away from me at the time. When i got the card back a week later he had passed from his Cancer. I just thought his wife or someone signed it but later on i ran into a old friend of John and spoke of this and he said no. It was John who signed it. That is who John was to the end for his fans. I wonder if it was his last auto signed?

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    Dave Dravecky on an 88 Topps card. Still have it to this day.

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    Steve Palermo, Umpire, back when I was 12 or something... read about his heroic story and wanted his autograph If you don't know the story, goggle it!
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    Not sure which came first, but I only did 2 I can remember as a kid. One was to Duke Snider, the other to Steve Garvey. Both were returned and I still have both items almost 30 years later.
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