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Thread: The greatest sports viewing momenet in your life (personal)

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    The greatest sports viewing momenet in your life (personal)

    Ok, I had no idea how to title this.

    Here is what I'm after; The greatest sports moment that you watched on TV or in person that is personal to you. Think of it this way, I never cheered louder or been happier than when __________________________.

    For me this is easy, don't even need 1 second to think about it.

    "The Double", for those of you who don't know what that is watch this video from about 1min on.

    There have been bigger hits in baseball, but given the nature in which the Mariners won the division AND having been down 0-2 in the first ever ALDS there haven't been many. Couple that with the fact the Seattle was basically a dormant baseball city prior to about July of that year and you have a really cool moment.

    I still get goosebumps watching that clip 17 years later, I've probably seen it 100 times and I still get those little goosebumps. They are even bigger when I hear the radio call of the late great Dave Niehaus, it was so much better than Brent Musburger's TV call. Niehaus' call can be heard on the wikipedia page.

    Ok now you.
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    I never cheered louder or been happier than when Kirk Gibson hit the homerun off Eckersley in the World Series.

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    Hands down, 1980 U.S. hockey victory over the Soviet Union. Hard to believe, but that team could have walked away without any medal at all if they had lost two days later. Thankfully, they pulled off the gold medal but that game still was anticlimactic compared to the big win over the Soviets. Al Michaels' call is still one that holds up after all these years.

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    I'll take it a little different direction. Not my Greatest Moment, But one I will certainly never forget, and Alou's reaction is permanantly etched in my memory

    The Look on Moises Alou's face when Bartman reached for that ball. For a second I really thought Alou was gonna jump up there and kill that guy
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    easy, 1991 world series game 6, 11th inning, puckett sends the series to a game 7 with a walk-off homerun! RIP kirby!

    followed closely by Brett Favre's hail-mary, no-look pass to the back of the end zone in on 9/27/2009 against the 49ers. one of the most clutch and exciting plays in nfl history!

    favre should sue the players and coaches involved in the saints nfl bounty scandal. i think he has a good case that those hits in the nfc championship game, most illegal and after the play, ended his career. he was never the same afterwards. just a side-note, sorry!

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    Same series, different game for me

    1995 ALDS Game #2 Mattingly's 1st Postseason HR

    HANG ONTO THE ROOF!!!!!!!!!!!

    I still get goosebumps to this day

    2:43 of the video has the call

    2:10 of the video see a young Derek Jeter learning the postseason ropes.

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    2008 World Series. Lidge K's Hinske to end a quarter century of Philadelphia sports futility.
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    I agree with Tony. The 1980 U.S. hockey victory over the Soviet Union.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatdadx2 View Post
    I never cheered louder or been happier than when Kirk Gibson hit the homerun off Eckersley in the World Series.
    Same moment... I'm 12 years old and on a trip to Disney World with my parents and my 8 year old brother. I turned 36 this past saturday and the only 2 things I ever remember from that trip is Kirk Gibson and my dad locking the keys in the car!!

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    Because it was a personal moment as I was there, I go with "The Catch" by Dwight Clark from Joe Montana as the winning score to propel the 49ers into their first Super Bowl.
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    4/6/93óJose Guzman, Cubs vs. Atlanta, Otis Nixon

    First start as a Cub for Guzman and was the second home game of the season. Cold, nasty day but Guzman was on fire, he held the Braves without a hit until little Otis Nixon came up with 2 out in the top of the ninth and slapped a single up the middle. Other than being at a Bulls playoff game when Jordan was playing I had never felt such an electric feeling around me and the entire crowd.

    On TV, I was watching the game where Eric Show of the Padres beaned Dawson in the face. I thought Andre was dead, he layed motionless for minutes in the batters box. All of a sudden he rose up and I have never seen such anger in a persons eyes before, 6 guys were trying to hold him back but he was still pushing the pile forward trying to get at Show. The unpires had to escort Show to the tunnel to get him off the field, not even sure if he was even ejected at this point but they really needed him off the field for his safety.
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    Roberto Clemente's hit #3000 at Three Rivers Stadium, September 30, 1972. Listening to the spanish announcer (Felo Ramirez) make the call still gets me teary eyes and goosebumps.




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    My personal moment - seeing Dale Murphy hit a home run off of Mike Scott down the right field line on my 24th birthday (June 24th,1989) at Fulton County Stadium - my first in person MLB game.

    Most widely known moment (watched on TV) - September 6, 1995 - Cal Ripken Jr. breaking Lou Gehrig consecutive games played record. Cal running around the stadium that night was unforgetable.


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    Love this topic.

    On TV:
    Luis Gonzalez's bloop single off Rivera in game 7 of the 2001 world series. As a Cubs fan, I was pulling so hard for Grace to get a ring. Also, their catcher that year, Damian Miller, is a hometown boy from La Crosse, WI. Oh... and they beat the Yankees.
    I was in the seats near the corner that the catch was made. I had a clear sight line, and when the ball bounced off of Freeman's pads in overtime, it seemed like the entire crowd had the wind sucked out of them. I yelled, "it never touched the ground!" Lo and behold, Freeman pops up after a lucky couple of bounces and jogs into the end zone. No whistles. I didn't get my voice back until Wednesday.


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    Great thread.

    Single MOMENT: Kirk Gibson, 1988 World Series Game 1. It was the 1st baseball game I ever watched. I didn't even understand the magnitude of the moment, yet I had chills - as a 10-year old. I was HOOKED.

    Single GAME: Kerry Wood's 20-K performance against the Astros. I left school early that day (just because) and flipped to WGN at the start of the game. It only took the first inning to realize that Wood's stuff was Nintendo-esque. My brother made it home in the 5th, and we were mesmorized for the next 4 innings watching knee-buckler after knee-buckler. Sure, he got some help from the 'Stros with his "effective wildness"......but it was still the most entertaining non-playoff game I have ever watched.


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