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Thread: The greatest sports viewing momenet in your life (personal)

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    I have 2. Super Bowl 34, Warner to Bruce followed by the "tackle". Then the 02 World series game 6, when the Angels made their comeback and denied Bonds his ring.

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    I have 2 to mention

    1st one is watching in person my youngest son Tommy pitching a no hitter in his first start as a pitcher in high school that was amazing.

    2nd what else but Franco,s Immaculate Recption for the Steelers first ever playyoff win

    cannt get any better than that


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    On TV - World Series game 4 2004 - The Red Sox win after 86 years of frustration.

    Live - 2006 Game 1 of a DH at Fenway in June. Sox down in the bottom of the 9th. 2 runners on. Ortiz at the plate. HR goes over the RF bullpen. Sox win. Wife and I were sitting in the Monster Seats. I have NEVER seen a place just explode like it did that day.


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    For me, it was the White Sox completing the sweep of the Astros in the 2005 World Series. It felt great to at least have one Chicago baseball team's WS drought out of the way.

    Although I didn't see the entire game, one of the greatest baseball moments I witnessed was Evan Longoria's walk-off in "Game 162" last year. MLB Network cut in before the bottom of the 10th, just in time to catch Longo's homer.
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    I will never for get Marquis Grissom in the 1997 ALCS for the Indians. His HR in Game 2 against Baltimore is one game I will never forget. Seeing round first base and just pump his fist was one of the most memorable moments for me.
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    For me, watching from my couch my favorite moment was game 7 of last years Stanley Cup finals, watching my Bruins take the cup after a long 39 years.

    In person, hands down, 1999 All-Star game at Fenway Park. One of Ted Williams' last in person appearances. It was absolutely amazing watching the place go nuts and Ted chatting with all of the players at the mound. EVERYONE on the field wanted a minute with The Kid. Fenway was absolutely magical that night. (oh yeah, Pedro did pretty well that night too)

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    Watching on TV, Francisco Cabrera driving in Sid Bream in the NLCS. Still remember staying up with my mom to watch it. Incredible.

    In person, I hope I don't lose my man card because of this, but the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics team competition where Kerri Strug hit the landing. The atmosphere in the dome was electric, and it is the best live sporting event I have ever attended.

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    TV- January 2006, when the Seahawks claimed the NFC crown, headed to Siper Bowl XL. I dropped to my knees and balled like a baby! Mostly because my late father always said that Seattle wouldn't amount to nothing, and they made it to the big dance 9 months after he died.
    IN PERSON- Orioles vs. Twins in May 1985, my first MLB game..Fred Lynn hit a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 9th to win the game..boy it was loud at Memorial Stadium!! Good times indeed..great thread!


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    Another thought: Who doesn't get chills watching replays of Pedro Cerrano cursing Jobu and then crushing the 0-2 curveball?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Carroll View Post
    Another thought: Who doesn't get chills watching replays of Pedro Cerrano cursing Jobu and then crushing the 0-2 curveball?

    Tim, thank you for that moment of levity. That cracked me up!

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    Tie for #1, first Joe Morgan's single in game 7 of the '75 World Series coupled with a save for Will McEnaney (both of us grew up in Springfield, OH)..............Second, obviously, is Ray Knight scoring in game 6 of the '86 World Series.................Sorry BoSox fans..............

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    wow, lot's of choices. i won't be able to pick one, i'll have to go with 2 definates!

    1. because it happened well before the other one. i had never felt such joy and happiness in sports than when the bears beat the rams in the nfc championship game, in the snow flurries!! i was so happy i cried. my wife at the time thought i was nuts. she had no idea what it's like to watch your teams get so close (cubs '84) and lose it all. nobody really truly knows for sure, but that day, i just knew the bears were going to win super bowl XX!!!

    2. i was in rota, spain, in the navy in 1991. and boy was i happy we were able to watch the chicago bulls in the nba finals. watching jordan do his magic (no pun intended), and money (john paxson) hit those clutch shots in game 5!!! and let's not forget game 2, i believe, when the bulls as a team shot near 70% as a team. i watched as the clock ticked down and my bulls won their first nba championhip

    the 1980 hockey team was memorable also, along with "the catch". i remember listening on the radio for the hockey team (i was at my high school basketball game), and i did see the catch on tv, while in the navy.

    alou sure did look like you said slav! he was ready to give that guy a beat down. BUT, i was watching a piece on tv the other night, about that bartman ordeal. i don't know if anyone else saw it, but it was pretty good. i never blamed bartman for the cubs losing that chance for the world series. maybe that's when it all started, but it sure as heck wasn't his fault alone. they completly fell apart that next inning, starting with Agonz's error. it all got to their heads from then on.

    i wish i could have seen kerry's 20 strike out game. alot of writers and reporters say that was as close to a perfect game as they have seen anyone pitch, even tho it wasn't a perfect game.

    and one last one... i get chills every time i watch the movie "secretariat". watchin that belmont race just sends chills and produces goosebumps. 31 lengths!!!!! simply amazing! wish i could remember watching that in real time on the tv.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Kozelichki View Post
    Hands down, 1980 U.S. hockey victory over the Soviet Union. Hard to believe, but that team could have walked away without any medal at all if they had lost two days later. Thankfully, they pulled off the gold medal but that game still was anticlimactic compared to the big win over the Soviets. Al Michaels' call is still one that holds up after all these years.
    I was only 71/2 at the time this game was played but I still remember afterwards my brother and I doing "olympic events" in our trailer after watching the hockey and downhill skiing.

    Quote Originally Posted by sinocc View Post
    easy, 1991 world series game 6, 11th inning, puckett sends the series to a game 7 with a walk-off homerun! RIP kirby!

    followed closely by Brett Favre's hail-mary, no-look pass to the back of the end zone in on 9/27/2009 against the 49ers. one of the most clutch and exciting plays in nfl history!

    favre should sue the players and coaches involved in the saints nfl bounty scandal. i think he has a good case that those hits in the nfc championship game, most illegal and after the play, ended his career. he was never the same afterwards. just a side-note, sorry!
    This was the best year of my baseball life. For starters it was the year I graduated from high school, our baseball team made it to state for the first time in forever, and it was Coach Raddatz's last year of coaching. After we lost in the first round (crushed by Terry Steinbach's alma matter New Ulm). We convinced our coaches to stay an extra day in the Twin Cities and attend the Twins V Yankees game the next day. (which we would have done anyway if we had won.) The kicker here is that Coach was a scout for the Reds, but over that winter he had helped Steve Howe get back into baseball after seeing him pitch in Mexico that winter...well Howe signed with the Yankees. So our whole team got to go to the dome, enter through the Twins offices, see the world series trophy and Frankie V's ring. We watched both teams take bp and for about 30 min. Steve Howe came over and talked to us about making the right choices in life. Something that he admittedly not done a very good job of. Then I got a moment with him as he was signing autographs for us and we got to talk about Montana, as he was living in Whitefish and I was born in Havre. (about a 2 hour drive from each other). Also scored a Jim Kaat auto that day. In the game Pedro Munoz hit his first ML Grand Slam, in the first inning to help the Twins to a 5-3 win. (part of their 15 game winning streak that year.) By that fall I was in Montana,staying with my aunt and uncle, watching every game of that series and not eating dinner until after the games were over (which got kinda late at the end there). When Kirby hit that homer, I said "that's gone". My aunt couldn't believe it, and was like how did you know that, to which I said 8 years of playing ball kinda helps you know stuff like that. Nothing else in 21 years has ever come close to this.

    Quote Originally Posted by loftheb View Post
    Love this topic.

    On TV:
    Luis Gonzalez's bloop single off Rivera in game 7 of the 2001 world series. As a Cubs fan, I was pulling so hard for Grace to get a ring. Also, their catcher that year, Damian Miller, is a hometown boy from La Crosse, WI. Oh... and they beat the Yankees.
    I was in the seats near the corner that the catch was made. I had a clear sight line, and when the ball bounced off of Freeman's pads in overtime, it seemed like the entire crowd had the wind sucked out of them. I yelled, "it never touched the ground!" Lo and behold, Freeman pops up after a lucky couple of bounces and jogs into the end zone. No whistles. I didn't get my voice back until Wednesday.


    My brother and I watched this game at the Rivoli in LaCrosse while I was at school at Viterbo (Damian Miller's alma matter) Also my future father in law was also at this game and he used to work at Valley View Ford where he sold a Explorer to... Damian Miller
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    June 23, 1982. The middle of a 102 loss season for the Twins. I was 10 years old and loved baseball, but every time I watched the Twins, they lost ugly, at least that's how it seemed to me. We were losing 3-0 heading into the top of the 9th to a much better White Sox Club. Just another stupid game, I was about to turn the channel...BUT Brunansky walked, Hrbek singled him to third, Jesus Vega hit a pinch hit single (side note, you know you're in for a long season when you pinch hit for your DH, who was this guy) to drive in Bruno. Gary Ward hits a fielders choice and just beats the throw to load the bases. Gary Gaetti hits a 2 run single! holy cow, we actually tied the game! John Castino lines out...great, 2 more outs and we'll probably put Ron Davis in to lose the game for us. Tim Laudner at bat YAY, a .224 hitting catcher with 5 RBI all season so far, THAT'S what we need at the plate. CRACK! it's up, it's's a HOME RUN!!!!!!! we went from 0-3 to 6-3, ended up winning! That was the game that taught me 'It ain't over until it's over'

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    Man!......So many to choose from. I remember going to Yankee stadium for my first time and watched Bernie Williams hit a walk off homer to beat the Rangers 9-8 during the 1998 Season. He was the first batter up in the bottom of the 9th and you could tell from the crack of the bat the game was over. Everyone, and I mean everyone freaked out!

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