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Thread: Just saying Hey

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    Just saying Hey

    HEY Benchies! I have been MIA for a while probably almost a year. I have been on a lengthy hiatus from card collecting and still not ready to dive back in yet. But I have missed the Bench for sure. Just wanted to stop in and say hey to the regulars and howdy to all you new members.
    Before I start making any trades again I am going to have to get organized and make a major update to my tradelists.
    I haven't given up on the 84 Topps TTM set and actually a few here and there are still showing up in the mailbox that were sent well over a year ago.
    Coaching my daughter's softball team this year and just found out my wife and I are expecting a new bundle of joy around the end of December.

    anyhoo hope everyone is doing well and glad to see the Bench is still the #1 trading site around.

    I still miss my friend Randy and was just thinking about him last week when I went to a Reds game which is what really prompted me to come back here and say hey.

    Happy Collecting!

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    Congratulations on your baby. Great News!

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    Hey Corey - Great to hear from you. Congrats on the news regarding the impending arrival! Hope everything is going well!
    Building Topps sets from 1969 to the present. Always looking for Puckett cards.

    wantlists updated, new player tradelists added.

    Kirby Puckett havelist:

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    Congrats and welcome back.
    I collect: CARDINALS, MATT MORRIS, MATT CARPENTER, Ken Griffey Jr., Pedro Martinez, soccer cards, Kareem Rush, and all Duke basketball.

    Here is my BASEBALL and non-baseball tradepages:

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    Welcome back buddy!

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    Congratulation and I hope to see you back soon.


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    Congrats on the baby news! My wife and I are expecting too! AWESOME!
    "For nothing will be impossible for God" ~ Luke 1:37

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    Thanks for dropping by buddy and the good news about the baby! Best regards, David
    In Memory of Our friend and Bench moderator Randy Martin Aka fatboycards 1963 to 2011. Sat contest for Ronald Acuna Jr. auto 068/199 2019 Topps Museum Archival auto has been posted!

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    Corey -
    Good to see you around here again. Congrats on the new bundle of joy on the way!

    Wants: Cards I need of Acuna, Albies, Chipper, Smoltz, Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy and Freddie Freeman or some Votto\Bench\Nick Senzel paralells or non-Topps Base set inserts for local trades. Rare A&G Insert Minis from my want list.
    Homepage has vintage and modern set wants as wells as a detailed trade list.

  10. oldmarine0311
    ya know science has found the cause for that unexpected bundle of joy issue. personaly i think it will take more testing to make sure. so congrads on the new ball player coming into your life.


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