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Thread: Basketball RC want list

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    Basketball RC want list

    I don't have a lot of basketball to trade. Mostly stuff from the 90's. Most of what I have to trade is baseball. But here is my basketball RC want list, so if you can help, plmk what you are looking for in return.


    Basketball RC Want List

    1969-70 Topps Lew Alcindor
    1969-70 Topps Bill Bradley
    1969-70 John Havlicek
    1969-70 Topps Walt Frazier
    1969-70 Topps Earl Monroe
    1969-70 Topps Dave Bing
    1969-70 Topps Willis Reed
    1970-71 Topps Pete Maravich
    1970-71 Topps Pat Riley
    1971-72 Topps Rick Barry
    1971-72 Topps Nate Archibald
    1971-72 Topps Rudt Tomjanovich
    1971-72 Topps Larry Brown
    1972-73 Topps Julius Erving
    1972-73 Topps Phil Jackson
    1972-73 Topps Artis Gilmore
    1973-74 Topps Bob McAdoo
    1974-75 Topps Bill Walton
    1974-75 Topps George Gervin
    1975-76 Topps Moses Malone
    1977-78 Tops Robert Parrish
    1977-78 Topps Darryl Dawkins
    1977-78 Topps Adrian Dantley
    1980-81 Magic Johnson/Larry Bird
    1981-82 Topps Kevin McHale
    1981-82 Topps Bill Laimbeer
    1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan
    1986-87 Fleer Hakeem Ojajuwon
    1986-87 Fleer Patrick Ewing
    1986-87 Fleer Clyde Drexler
    1986-87 Fleer Charles Barkley
    1986-87 Fleer Karl Malone
    1986-87 Fleer Isiah Thomas
    1986-87 Fleer Joe Dumars
    1986-87 Fleer Chris Mullin
    1986-87 Fleer Dominique Wilkins
    1986-87 Fleer James Worthy
    1986-87 Fleer Byron Scott
    1986-87 Fleer Doc Rivers
    1986-87 Fleer Charles Oakley
    1986-87 Fleer Manute Bol
    1986-87 Fleer Sam Perkins
    1986-87 Fleer Derek Harper
    1986-87 Fleer Kurt Rambis
    1986-87 Fleer Kevin Williams
    1987-88 Fleer Detlef Schrempf
    1987-88 Fleer Ron Harper
    1987-88 Fleer A.C. Green
    1987-88 Fleer Terry Porter
    1987-88 Fleer Nate McMillian
    1987-88 Fleer Jerome Kersey
    1987-88 Fleer Otis Thorpe
    1988-89 Fleer Scottie Pippen
    1988-89 Fleer Reggie Miller
    1988-89 Fleer John Stockton
    1988-89 Fleer Dennis Rodman
    1988-89 Fleer Horace Grant
    1988-89 Fleer Mark Jackson
    1988-89 Fleer Mark Price
    1988-89 Fleer Kenny Smith
    1988-89 Fleer Dell Curry
    1988-89 Fleer Fleer John Sally
    1989-90 Hoops David Robinson
    1989-90 Fleer Mitch Richmond
    1989-90 Fleer Danny Manning
    1989-90 Fleer Vernon Maxwell
    1989-90 Fleer Jeff Hornacek
    1989-90 Fleer Rik Smits
    1989-90 Fleer Dan Majerle
    1989-90 Fleer Rod Strickland
    1989-90 Fleer Kevin Johnson
    1990-91 Fleer Update Gary Payton
    1990-91 Skybox Vlade Divac
    1990-91 Skybox Mookie Blaylock
    1994-95 Finest Grant Hill
    1994-95 Finest Jason Kidd
    1994-95 SP Jason Kidd
    1995-96 Finest Kevin Garnett
    1996-97 Finest Kobe Bryant
    1996-97 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant
    1996-97 Topps Chrome Ray Allen
    1997-98 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan
    1998-99 Topps Chrome Dirk Nowitzki
    1998-99 Topps Chrome Paul Pierce
    2001-02 Topps Chrome Tony Parker
    2001-02 Topps Chrome Pau Gasol
    2002-03 Topps Chrome Yao Ming
    2002-03 Topps Chrome Manu Ginobli
    2002-03 Topps Chrome Amare Stoudemire
    2003-04 Topps Chrome LeBron James
    2003-04 Topps Chrome Dwayne Wade
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Dwight Howard
    2005-06 Topps Chrome Chris Paul
    2005-06 Topps Chrome Deron Williams
    2006-07 Topps Chrome Rajon Rondo
    2008-09 Topps Chrome Derrick Rose
    2008-09 Topps Chrome Kevin Love

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    just got rid of a bunch of basketball I'll check for the early 90's cards I know I had 10 of each of those guys at one time...

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    i have about 20 or so off your list if you are buying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droubaysports View Post
    i have about 20 or so off your list if you are buying
    Sorry. Not buying at this time.


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    I have this one:

    1994-95 200 Finest Grant Hill RC

    "This game is bigger than all of us" - Billy Martin

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    What are you looking for in return Rich?

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    Hello, I have these available. Not really looking for anything in particular, but would look at a RC tradelist.
    1994-95 Finest 240 Grant Hill
    1994-95 Finest 286 Jason Kidd
    1996-97 Topps Chrome 217 Ray Allen
    1998-99 Topps Chrome 135 Paul Pierce

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    DO you want a basketball RC list, or all sports?

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    Sorry, just baseball.

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    I might be able to hit a couple for you Will let you know in a day or so


    looking for 72, topps football

    RIP Mr Fatboycards
    You may have left us way to early but you will never be forgoten

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