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Thread: DON ZIMMER - Potential Private Signing

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    Exclamation DON ZIMMER - Potential Private Signing


    I am new to the site and made an account due to the advice of another member.

    I have been on for many years, and I want to share a rare opportunity that we need more participation in.

    Many collectors need Don Zimmer in their sets or their collections, but since his wife signs his mail and he doesnt do card shows, he is often a tough one to get. He is a baseball legend having been involved in baseball since 1954, winning multiple world series and a manager of the year award.

    I have spoken to Mr. Zimmer's agent and we are in the planning stages of getting a signing together. The only thing holding us back is the item limit that we must meet in order to conduct the signing, which is a 250 item minimum.

    If the signing happens, it would take place here in Tampa Bay, FL most likely somewhere around January.

    Here is what the pricing structure would probably look like:
    Cards - $25
    Balls/Flats - $28
    No bats, gloves or other equipment at this time.

    There could be bulk item discounts for send ins of 10 or more from any individual.

    So far on SCN we have about 60 items that could be collected, still far short than the 250 we need.

    If there is any interest on this board, it could help towards the signing actually happening. If you are interested you could either reply to this thread with your interest, or send me an email.

    I will try to check back on this every so often, however you can email me directly at


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    I can vouch for Courtland on SCN, he is a great member and very active in trading. This would be a great opportunity to get Mr Zimmer for a price cheaper than any other show.
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    Go to krazydecals732's ebay items

    This has been approved by me.

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    This potential opportunity has been canceled already due to issues with Mr. Zimmer's agent.

    I apologize for any inconvenience.

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