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Thread: Colorado sports fan getting back in the game

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    Colorado sports fan getting back in the game

    Hello, everyone! My name is Adam and I am a new member from Denver looking to have some fun trading after a long time out of the collecting world.
    I'd like to think that I've kept my cards in good shape over the 20 or so years since I first started collecting, and my goal is to kind of reshape my collection a bit. I am going to focus on attaining Colorado sports team cards (Rox, Broncs, Nugs, Avs) and I am willing to trade anything and everything for them. I also am looking toward growing my Griffey collection, which I haven't really added to in the last 10 years or so!
    I don't really have a database of my cards, but I will be working on that stuff as it appears it makes it a lot easier to get things done! A majority of my cards are from 1988 to 1998, but it appears as though there are a lot of set collectors that I might be able to help out. Looking forward to getting some deals made.


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    Hello & welcome to The Bench.
    Main collecting interests: Topps sets, Johan Santana (Twins only), and MN sports teams.

    Trade page:

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    hey man welcome i know i am sure i have a lot of ROX, Broncos, and maybe ads stuff plus i might be able to get Lake Erie Monsters cards because i like near them and they are the avs farm team lmk if there is anything you might be looking for because i got a lot i am trying to reshape and reconfigure my cards too
    Looking for any 2009 to current tigers, indians,ducks, ny rangers, blackhawks, capitals, steelers,raiders

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    Welcome to The Bench!
    Building Topps sets from 1969 to the present. Always looking for Puckett cards.

    wantlists updated, new player tradelists added.

    Kirby Puckett havelist:

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    Welcome to the Bench!

    I have some Avs cards that I am looking to move - the only Hockey that I collect is Ryan Miller of the Sabres and I collect baseball sets. If you are interested plmk and I can send you a list of Avs.
    Sorry I don't check buckets! This is my hobby so sometimes it takes me a while to respond. Please be patient.

    Updated Trade List

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    Welcome to the BENCH.

    Cardinal HOF Auto's,Gued,Patches
    Yogi Berra Auto's,Gued,Patches
    2004 Topps Cracker Jack Master Set 94.4%complete

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    Hello and welcome from Michigan....Hope we can make some trades.

    I have a Finest Von Miller rookie 99/99 made!! And, a Miller 2012 Topps chrome refractor....

    Lmk if you are interested and hopefully we can work something out.

    Thanks and enjoy it here.
    Always looking for Tigers (current) and past with the emphasis on the 1968 Tigers. I also collect prospects and true rookie cards. Football--Calvin Johnson, Stafford, Luck, RGIII (inserts or lower end rookies) Thanks to all who have traded with me. Plz be patient as at times I may be slow in mailing cards out.

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    Welcome back and good luck!!

    1975 Topps Minis: 362/660 55% complete
    1972 Topps: 762/787 97% complete
    1971 Topps: 678/752 90% complete
    1960 Topps: 500/572 87% complete

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    Thanks y'all. I hope to get some deals done!
    Four-sport collector looking to trade! Griffey cards I don't have are my top priority, followed by Broncos, Rockies, Avalanche and Nuggets.

    Griffey Havelist

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    Welcome to The Bench!


    I can usually swing by the post office whenever needed.
    Oh yeah, I'm a set builder. If it looks cool, I'm interested! I miss the old days of sets with no SP's, redemption cards, and wax wrappers!!

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    Welcome to the Bench.


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    Welcome to The Bench! Best regards, David
    In Memory of Our friend and Bench moderator Randy Martin Aka fatboycards 1963 to 2011. Don't drink the Kool aid from anyone trying to rip you off with their high prices of unopen baseball products......or those people who say supply and demand......Parents is that all you learned in College?

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    Welcome to The Bench.


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    welcome to the bench!
    Collect Royals; PC's of George Brett, Paul Splittorff, Mike Sweeney, Danny Manning
    All my traders are listed on Beckett (1400+ trades) -
    PC Bucket -

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