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Thread: Need to allow more characters for trade manager

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    Exclamation Need to allow more characters for trade manager

    I would like to see more characters allowed in the trade manager "what I am receiving and sending section". For us set collectors, the amount of cards is large. Is there anyway to increase it to 3, 4, or 5,000?
    My set needs

    *I have almost no cards 2003 and newer available for trade*

    Unless otherwise specified, cards for my set needs need to be in at least NrMt or better condition. The same goes for cards I have for trade.

    Also looking for George Brett SGC graded cards

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    Adrian, I cannot really speak to your request, but I could offer another suggestion. When I have very large trades, I make a post on the originating thread that lists what each trader is to receive and have the other trader respond, quoting the post, stating that the trade looks fine. I then place a more generic summary in the Trade Manager post. It has worked out well for me in the past. You might already be doing that, but thought that I would mention it.

    Barry Urbanek - PogoCards


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