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Thread: 2013 Trade List! Bowman, Topps, Heritage, GQ (Updated 6/1!)

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    2013 Trade List! Bowman, Topps, Heritage, GQ (Updated 6/1!)

    Updated 6/1/13!
    Trading 2013 Bowman, Topps Series 1, Opening Day, Heritage, and Gypsy Queen....Base, inserts, parallels, SP, relics, autos...It's all up for trade! Here's what I have for trade:
    2013 Trade List

    Looking for Sandbergs, as always! Still need tons, including base!

    Here's a link to HAVE lists for Ryne Sandberg (priority #1!), Nolan Ryan, and Josh Hamilton:
    Sandberg/Ryan/Hamilton HAVE lists:

    Link for have lists for Castro, Dickey, Profar, Trout, Darvish, and Pujols:

    And here are my set needs...
    Set Needs

    If you're looking to even out a bigger trade, here's a link to my trade bait...(GU/autos/rookies/#/star players)

    No trade too small...Thanks for looking!
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    I have 2012 Update 175 and 2012 Olympic 19 78 84 93.

    Looking for the following 2013 Topps base : 12 13 25 42 47 64 73 97 101 104 113 123 128 170 176 184 195 199 234 235 256 264 283 285 301 306 314 315 317 318 322

    Do you have a list for what Nolan Ryan's you need? I might be able to hit some of those also.



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    Working on a have list for Nolan Ryan right now...will get back with you soon!

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    I can probably hit some of your GQ needs. And depending on how many Ryan's you need, I have some older base and some of the Pacific cards of his.
    I collect Chicago Cubs, Giancarlo Stanton,
    Minnesota Vikings, Randy Moss, Stephon Marbury, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, AI
    My site/bucket:

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    I can use this card.

    2013 Topps Heritage #470 Pujols

    I have some 2013 GQ. I'll check the #'s tomorrow. Thanks Butch
    Quote Originally Posted by gophergirl23 View Post
    Finally decided what I'm going to collect:-), so time to trade the rest! Topps Series 1, Opening Day, Heritage, and Gypsy Queen....Base, inserts, parallels, SP, relics, autos...It's all up for trade! Here's what I have:

    Looking for Sandbergs, as always! Here's my HAVE list:

    And here are my set needs...

    I also have PC for Nolan Ryan, Starlin Castro, R.A. Dickey, and Jurickson Profar. Still need tons!

    If you're looking to even out a bigger trade, here's my trade bait (still adding)...

    No trade too small...Thanks for looking!

    (1st) Any serial #'d baseball cards. Not just Pirates only.

    (2nd)#1 Josh Bell, Bryan Reynolds, possible others--G. Polanco, J. Taillon.

    NOTE: Cards will be mailed on Saturday unless stated otherwise.

    NOTE: I will respond as soon as I am able. This is my hobby

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    I could use 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini #120 Ripken.

    I have 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen 15 (Skaggs RC), 20 (Pujols), 55, 69, 75, 81, 83 (Gehrig), 100 (Harper), 109 (Pettitte), 138, 148, 179 and 180

    I will trade them all for the Ripken Mini.

    Collecting these Orioles
    Arrieta, Britton, Bundy, Hardy, Jones, Machado, Matusz, Markakis, Reimold, Roberts, Tillman, Weiters
    Murray, Palmer, Ripken, B. Robinson, F. Robinson

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    I have these...

    2013 Topps Gypsy Queen
    20 Pujols 55 72 Hamilton 100 Harper 109 121 148 159 190 203 208 234 284

    Looking for any hits to my wantlists or birthday project links located in sig

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    Here's a partial HAVE list for Nolan Ryan.

    Has basically all of my recent cards (2000+), but almost none of the older cards. My sister has the older cards and she will be updating our list soon. So you are probably safe offering new cards not on the list or you could run some older ones by me (or wait until my sis gets the list updated:-) Thanks for looking!

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    bdink25 -

    Fair warning...I collect Pujols too and almost didn't include him on trade list. Would only trade for equal value Sandberg, Ryan, Castro, Profar, or Dickey:-) Thanks!

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    Found 2012 Update Blockbuster 9 Nolan Ryan as well as 2013 Topps Chasing History 27 Nolan Ryan to add to the others I have for you.


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    Interested in your '13 Gypsy Queen BJ Upton relic and your Griffey Cut To The Chase...

    Have these '13 GQ base to trade...
    8, 75, 210, 214, 234, 241, 249, 265, 306

    Or if you'd rather do trade- bait for trade-bait, I have a Carlos Gonzalez Relic or a Kershaw relic that I'd trade for the Upton...

    Let me know .. thanks!

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    PMs sent...

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    I have 2013 Gypsy Queen 2-4-41-56-110-168-188-230-241

    I'm finished with my set, but so you get credit for the trade how about the Blue Framed Miguel Montero.

    Go ahead and post it if that's ok. If your thinking book value, the Dylan Bundy I'm sending you is $5. That alone is more than the Montero.

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    Do you have any 2013 Topps Heritage Venezulean Parallels to trade ?I have some Castro's,Ryan, Sandberg inserts and some GU also.
    email me at

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    That sounds fine...Will post it up! Thanks!

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