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Thread: WTTF/WTB Willie Stargell

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    WTTF/WTB Willie Stargell

    I have a comprehensive list of needs and a somewhat complete list of cards available @

    I would be glad to pick up any of my needs on the site, but am really wanting to knock down the Stargell needs - Currently ~585 different items. I am focusing on cards #'d 50 and up to limit the cost of this collection, but would consider anything I don't already have.

    I need cards that range from 1963 - 2013, so please take a look.


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    I have these:

    2005 Origins Old Judge #113 Willie Stargell RET $2.50

    2013 Bowman Platinum #28 Buster Posey $1.50
    2013 Bowman Platinum #54 Josh Hamilton $1.00

    2000 Fleer Tradition #305 Kerry Wood $0.30

    2007 Upper Deck #56 Nick Markakis $1.00
    2007 Upper Deck #102 Paul Byrd $0.40
    2007 Upper Deck #117 Kenny Rogers $0.40
    2007 Upper Deck #140 Vladimir Guerrero $0.60
    2007 Upper Deck #144 John Lackey $0.40
    2007 Upper Deck #150 Jason Bartlett $0.40
    2007 Upper Deck #344 Dan Wheeler $0.40
    2007 Upper Deck #345 Nomar Garciaparra $1.00
    2007 Upper Deck #489 Matt Holliday CL $1.00
    2007 Upper Deck #749 Brandon Duckworth $0.40
    2007 Upper Deck #811 Lew Ford $0.40
    2007 Upper Deck #930 Miguel Batista $0.40
    2007 Upper Deck #942 Sean White RC $0.75

    Do you have any of my needs? I didn't see any of my set needs and it is very difficult to search for player needs.

    *Formerly known as Imthesoccerstar*
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    I have these 1976 Crane Potato Chip Discs 3 inch Dia.
    Willlie Stargell,Dave Parker,Doc Medich,John Candelaria,Richie Zisk,Manny Sanguillen,Al Oliver,
    Jerry Reuss,Renne Stennett

    1976 Isaly Sweet William Disc 3 inch Dia,
    John Candelaria,Willie Stagell,Doc Medich,Richie Zisk,Manny Sanguillen,Renne Stennett,
    Jerry Reuss,
    2003 SP Legendary Cuts GU Bat #B-WS-1 Stargell 40/150 Historic Lumber
    2011 Topps Tribute Dual GU Jrsys #TDR-WST Stargell 51/99
    2011 Topps Tribute #43 Mazeroski
    2012 Topps Tribute #99 Stargell
    2012 Topps Tribute Black #99 Stargell 5/60
    2010 Topps 206 Mini Polar Bear #2 Stargell
    2010 Topps 206 Mini Old Mill #2 Stargell
    2013 Museum #26 Mazeroski, #55 Stargell
    2013 A&G Mini Regular Back #226 Stargell,287 Mazeroski
    2013 A&G Mini A&G Back #226 Stargell, 287 Mazeroski
    2013 A&G Mini Black #226 Stargell
    email me at
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    I have a 2005 Fleer Tradition Cooperstown Tribute #6 Stargell BV $2.50
    I would trade it for your
    2013 Gypsy Queen 275
    Memorable Moments MM-DO

    2013 Topps Archive 153
    Total BV $2.60

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    Hi Ed - found these from your needs listing:

    1969 MLB Photostamps (panel with Jones/Wise/Gibson)
    1976 Hostess panel with Hrabosky, Otis (scan in my streamzoo bucket)
    1982 Fleer Stickers 76, 106
    1983 Fleer Sticker 81

    I have a wantlist link in my sig, let me know if you find anything. You have a great Stargell collection!
    Current Wantlist (Schmidt/Gladden/Vintage/Newer):
    Current Tradelist (Modern Inserts):

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    Eric - I haven't been able to find anything on your needs/wants lists to this point. I will continue to dig today and if...IF I find anything I will pm you. Sorry, and thanks for the post!

    Tom - I sent you an email this morning - Thanks!

    Stacy - I have verified the 3 cards you want are indeed still available -- I will post the trade... Thanks again!

    Mr. Haverkamp - I have taken a quick look - I do have 2012 Topps Archives 3-D Mantle and Upton, Deckle Edge Halladay, Gibson, and Yaz. I have attempted to look at the book value of the 1969 MLB Photostamps, but can't locate a value for the panel...same for the 1976 Hostess panel. I would love to work something out with you, to include the 82/83 Fleer Stickers/Stamps.

    Thanks for taking the time to try and help me out.


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    Hi , Did you need this cards?
    2004 U.D. Diamond Pro Sigs Hall Of Fame Willie Stargell #HF 29 Pirates SP rare
    2002 U.D. Heroes of Baseball Willie Stargell #WS2 Pirates

    Hi traders I'm looking for HOF autos and GU's cards I need ,Roberto Alomar Cards I don't have and Puerto Rican Players cards ,Any help would be great!!!

    My Bucket!

    Trade by search Team,Players,Brand,Year!!

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    Sorry Millo67 - I already have both of those cards. Thanks for looking!


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    Unless I have a spreadsheet gremlin, I have the following from your Stargell needlist:

    2010 Willie Stargell Topps Peak Performance PP-24 Pirates
    2009 Willie Stargell Upper Deck 20th Anniversary 1540 Pirates

    Do you have any Tigers that aren't in my spreadsheet? A few of my set needs? One of the very few Matt Nokes cards I don't have?
    Check out my trade bait:

    These are the base cards I have for trade:

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    Montserratplay - pm sent...



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    Still a ton of needs...PLMK if you have anything you are looking for -- my site is somewhat up to date on my cards available, but I do have tons that aren't listed still.


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    I have a 1971 Topps # 230 of Willie Stargell (Chicken on the hill with Will Pgh thing)is nr mt condition
    Let me know if interested


    looking for 72, topps football

    RIP Mr Fatboycards
    You may have left us way to early but you will never be forgoten

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    Not familiar with the card -- Please let me know what information you have on this card.


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    Not familiar with the card -- Please let me know what information you have on this card.

    No It is just a 1971 Topps baseball card
    The chicken on the hill was what Bob prince use to say when Willie came to bat That's all not a special card


    looking for 72, topps football

    RIP Mr Fatboycards
    You may have left us way to early but you will never be forgoten

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