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Thread: Baseball star player lots for sale

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    Baseball star player lots for sale

    I have the following list of star/player lots available for sale which will be dlvd prices. They will consist of base cards, inserts, rookie cards #'d cards wirh print runs. Total for each player will be listed. What ever player toyr interested in, send me his name/names & I will send you a detailed listing of each one requested:
    Manny Machado - (26) card lot
    Nick Markakis - (10 card lot
    CHris Davis - (25) card lot
    Adam Jones - (9) card lot
    Wei-yin chen(10) card lot
    Matt Wieters((9) card lot
    Yu Darvish((16) card lot
    Mike Trout(11) cRD lot
    Dylan Bundy(22) card lot
    Stephen Strasburg(10) card lot
    Jose Hernandez(20) card lot
    Caleb Joseph(15) card lot
    Michael Wacha(6) card lot
    Derek Jeter(15) card lot
    Cal Ripken, Jr.(20) card lot
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    Manny Machado
    Mike Trout

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    Giincarlo Stanton
    Mike Trout
    Yadier Molina
    Eric Hosmer

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    Manny Ramirez
    Baseball - Xander Bogaerts, Manny Ramirez, Bill Mueller, Dwight Evans, Rico Petrocelli
    Football - Andre Tippett, Drew Bledsoe
    Hockey - Cam Neely, Rick Middleton, Adam Oates

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    I have an (11) card lot of Mike Trout for $18 dlvd. If interested, lmk & i'll the list.

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