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Thread: I have been silent, but not inactive...

  1. houbb

    I have been silent, but not inactive...

    Okay, so I haven't been posting much. Sorry 'bout that. Here are some recent IP successes...

    I loved watching this guy play when he was in Houston...
    [IMG] [/IMG]

    The Magic...

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    An HOFer...and maybe a coach of the year?

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    It's good to have this guy back. Yes, this is the scarce variation of only 1,000 pieces ...

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    I met this guy and he told me how to pronounce his name...

    [IMG] [/IMG]

    The last one was for my daughter. She was inside enjoying a concert and I got this outside for her. Fortunately, there were some screaming teenagers there to help me out...

    [IMG] [/IMG]
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    "Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last...
    Tomorrow is Not Promised

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    nice pick ups
    job well done


    looking for 72, topps football

    RIP Mr Fatboycards
    You may have left us way to early but you will never be forgoten

  4. oldmarine0311
    cool good job

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    Nice McHale!!
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    Great job

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    Last few days

    Evan Gattis 2013-2014 Topps
    c/o Astros ST

    Casey Candaele 1988 Topps, 1988 Score-both for trade
    c/o home

    Ricky Nolasco 2013-2014 Topps-both for trade
    c/o Twins ST

    Robbi Ross Jr. 2014 Topps US-for trade
    c/o Red Sox ST

    Tyson Ross 2014 Topps US-for trade
    c/o Padres ST

    Chris Iannetta 2009 Topps-set hit, 2012-2013 Topps-both for trade
    c/o Angels ST

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    basketball time, nice job....

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    Congrats Jim! I haven't talked to you in a while, almost baseball time!

  10. houbb
    Gearin' up for it already!

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    nice job, Jim!!!!!! hope all is well

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    You have some CRAZY awesome stuff in your bucket, thanks for posting these cool successes!

    God bless,

    Kevin Mc
    "For nothing will be impossible for God" ~ Luke 1:37

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