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    I am intersted in the Mauer commemorative first homerun medallion, and the Buxton dual.

    Here is my trade list

    • Jose Urena (Marlins) 2015 Bowman Prospects Auto PA-JU
    • David Dahl (Rockies) 2012 Bowman sterling Auto
    • Randall Delgado (Braves) 2012 Gypsy Queen Autograph
    • Jose Bautista (Orioles) 2012 Topps Tribute Dual GU jrsy (19/99)
    • Neftali Feliz (Rangers) 2011 Triple Threads Auto/GU (40/75)
    • Roy Halladay (Blue Jays) 2009 Topps Update All-Star Stitches Gold (26/50)
    • Nomar Garciaparra (Red Sox) 2015 Topps Update First Home Run GU FHRRNG (39/99)
    • Joc Pederson (Dodgers) 2015 Topps Supreme auto Green (12/50)
    • Tulowitzki/Nick Markakis/Chad Billingsley/Yunel Escobar/Fausto Carmona/Adam Jones/David Murphy/Bill Hall 2009 Ballpark Collection 8-player GU (188/350)
    • Drew Pomeranz (Rockies) 2012 Finest Green Auto/GU (173/199)
    • Didi Gregorius (Yankees) 2015 Topps Supreme Auto
    • Jake Marisnick (Astros) 2015 Diamond Kings Dual GU jrsy/bat (48/99)
    • Michael Taylor (Nationals) 2015 Diamond Kings Dual GU Auto (95/299)
    • Tony Gwynn (Padres) 2012 Topps Tribute 3-color patch (2/24)
    • Jonathan Ogden (Ravens) 2006 All-Pro Relics GU (football)
    • 2015 Topps Strata Rick Porcello (Red Sox) Clearly Authentic GU/Auto CAARP
    • 2015 Topps Strata Kendall Graveman (A’s) Auto SAKG
    • 2015 Topps High Tek Mark Grace (Cubs) Tidal Diffractor Auto (50/99)
    • 2013 Topps Chasing History Mark Trumbo (Angels) Auto MAT
    • 2012 Topps Golden Moments Johnny Damon (Rays) Jumbo relics GU (12/20)

    2015 Topps Chrome Refractors
    Base: Dalton Pompey (Blue Jays) RC 18, Matt Barnes RC (Red Sox) 21, Christian Yelich (Marlins) 48, Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) 55, Gregory Polanco (Pirates) 126, JJ Hardy (Orioles) 146, Buster Posey (Giants) 179, Devon Travis (Blue Jays) RC 184
    Sepia: Chris Sale (White Sox) 57, Paul Konerko (White Sox) 14, Max Scherzer (Nationals) 98, Dioner Navarro (Blue Jays) 70
    Pink: Denard Span (Nationals) 8, James McCann RC (Tigers) 46, Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins) 65
    Gold: Salvador Perez (Royals) 169 (3/50)
    Prism: Austin Jackson (Mariners) 34, Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) 162
    2015 Bowman Chrome Gold: Jon Lester (Cubs 105 (19/50)
    2015 Bowman Chrome Prospects: Cody Reed Ref BCP233 (134/499)
    2015 Finest: Joc Pederson (Dodgers) RC Ref 21, Felix Hernandez (Mariners) Ref 67, Rymer Liriano (Padres) RC ref 50
    2012 Finest: Jose Reyes (Marlins) Orange Ref 90 (29/99), Nelson Cruz (Rangers) ref 27, Michael Young (Rangers)ref 19,
    2012 Topps Chrome: Jeremy Hellickson (Rays) Purple Ref 37, Chris Young (Diamondbacks) Purple Ref 145, Kyle Seager (Mariners) Purple Ref 219, Mark Buehrle (Marlins) Purple ref 216, Matt Dominguez (Marlins) RC Xfractor 159, Elvis Andrus (Rangers) ref 149, Elvis Andrus (Rangers) Xfractor 149
    2011 Bowman Platinum: Dustin Ackley (Mariners) Xfractor BPP32
    2010 Finest: Carlos Pena Ref (Rays) 34 (571/599), Raul Ibanez (Phillies) Blue ref 45 (2/299)
    2010 Bowman Sterling: Jason Donald RC (Indians) Ref 44 (70/199)
    2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects: Jeff Kindel (Rockies) ref BCP11 (554/599)
    2007 Topps Chrome: Eric Chavez (A’s) Ref 208
    2006 Topps Chrome: Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence Ref SDC-TJ, Thomas Heyward Jr. Dec. Of Ind. Ref SDC-TH, Charles Carroll Dec. of Ind. Ref SDC-CC, John Langdon United State Constitution ref SCC-JL
    1999 Topps Chrome: Marlon Anderson (Phillies)/Ron Belliard (Brewers)/Orlando Cabrera (Expos) Ref 427, Todd Dunwoody (Marlins) Ref 82

    2015 Topps High Tek
    Purple Rainbow: Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners) HTKG
    Cubes: Edwin Encarnacion (Blue Jays) HTEE
    2015 Topps Chrome
    Future Stars: Joc Pederson (Dodgers) FSC-01, Maikel Franco (Phillies) FSC-11, Rafael Ynoa (Rockies) FSC-19, Michael Taylor (Nationals) Future Stars FSC-07, Matt Barnes (Red Sox) Future Stars FSC-09
    Gallery of Greats: Mike Trout (Angels) GGR-08, Paul Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks) Gallery of Greats GGR-27
    2015 Finest: Anthony Ranaudo RC (Rangers) Finest Firsts FF-3
    2015 Topps Update
    Snow Camo: Paulo Orlando RC (Royals) US196 (85/99)
    GOLD: Randall Delgado (Diamondbacks US43 (1321/2015), Dellin Betances (Yankees) US138 (754/2015), Chasen Shreve (Yankees) US363 (36/2015),
    Rainbow Foil: Ryan Braun (Brewers) US247, Rick Porcello (Red Sox) US362, Mitch Harris RC (Cardinals) US373
    Throwback Variation: Dallas Keuchel (Astros) 477
    Whatever Works: Mark Teixeira (Yankees) WW-1, Jim Palmer (Orioles) WW-10, Tim Lincecum (Giants) WW-2,
    Rookie Sensations: Ted Williams (Red Sox) RS-12, Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) RS-15, Jose Fernandez (Marlins) RS-8
    Highlight of the Year: Bob Feller (indians) H-65, Red Schoendienst (Cardinals) H-67, Bob Lemon (Indians) H-68, Tom Seaver (mets) H-72, Willie Mays (Mets) H-75
    Tape Measure Blasts: Albert Pujols (Cardinals) TMB-13
    Rarities: Roberto Clemente (Pirates) R-5, Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks) R-13
    Pride & Perseverance: Pete Gray (Browns) PP-9
    First Home Run: Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) FHR-8, Ernie Banks (Cubs) FHR-1, Ryne Sandberg (Cubs) FHR-23
    All-Star Access: Brock Holt (Red Sox) MLB-3, Yadier Molina (Cardinals) MLB-4, Max Scherzer (Nationals) MLB-18, Adam Jones (Orioles) MLB-10
    2015 Topps
    First Home Run Silver: Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) FHR-39
    Inspired Play: Robinson Cano / Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners) I-2
    Baseball History: Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners) 15
    2015 Stadium Club
    Contact Sheet: Buster Posey (Giants) CS-3
    2015 Diamond Kings
    Minis: Elston Howard (Yankees) 44, Luke Appling (White Sox) 93
    Silver: Ted Williams (Red Sox) 129 (68/99)
    Borders: Carson Smith RC (Mariners) Blue 186 (58/99)
    DK Originals: Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins) 11, Yasmany Tomas (Diamondbacks) 13
    Also Known As: Frank Thomas (White Sox) 2, Nolan Ryan (Rangers) 1
    HOF Sluggers: Frank Robinson (Orioles) 2
    Aficionado: David Wright (Mets) 19, Andrew McCutchen (Pirates) 17
    2015 Bowman Chrome
    Series Next: Jose Fernandez (Mariners) SN-JF
    2014 Topps Update
    The Future Is Now: Gregory Polanco (Pirates) FN-GP3
    World Series Heroes: Gary Carter (Mets) WSH-GC
    Power Players: Max Scherzer (Tigers) PPA-MS
    2013 Topps
    Gold: Adam Jones (Orioles) 10 (1032/2013), Pablo Sandoval (Giants) 298 (1582/2013)
    1972 mini: Matt Holliday (Cardinals) TM36, Ted Williams (Red Sox) TM50, Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) TM11, Alex Rodriguez (Yankees) TM28
    Emerald: Yadier Molina (Cardinals) 4, Edward Mujica (Cardinals) 96, Adam Eaton RC (Diamondbacks) 79, Brendan Ryan (Mariners) 277
    Calling Card: Jonathan Papelbon (Phillies) CC-5
    Chasing the Dream: Will Middlebrooks (Red Sox) CD-3
    Chasing History: George Brett (Royals) CH-23, Robin Yount (Brewers) CH-34
    2012 Finest
    Faces of the Franchise: David Wright (Mets) FF-DW
    Game Changers: Jose Bautista (Bluejays) GC-JB
    Finest Moments: Adrian Gonzalez (Red Sox) FM-AG, Michael Pineda (Yankees) FM-MP
    2012 Topps Archives
    Stickers: Ichiro (Mariners) I, Pablo Sandoval (Giants) PS
    Reprints: Monte Irvin (Giants) 62, Joe Morgan (Astros) 337, Willie Stargell (Pirates) 380
    2012 Topps
    Timeless Talents: Dennis Eckersley/Andrew Bailey (A’s) TT-21
    Mound Dominance: Nolan Ryan (Astros) MD-8
    Golden Greats: Hank Aaron (Braves) GG-51, Ty Cobb (Tigers) GG-20, Mickey Mantle (Yankees) GG-34
    Golden Moments: Cal Ripken (Orioles) GM-14, Paul Molitor (Brewers) GM-8, Al Kaline (Tigers) GM-42
    Gold Standard: Stan Musial (Cardinals) GS-2, Stan Musial (Cardinals) GS-28, Nolan Ryan (Rangers) GS-1, Andre Dawson (Red Sox) GS-19, Joe DiMaggio (Yankees) GS-46,
    Gold Sparkle: Josh Collmenter (Diamondbacks) 544, Koji Uehara (Rangers) 171, Josh Reddick (Red Sox) 158
    Cut Above: Sandy Koufax (Dodgers) ACA-16
    Gold Futures: Mike Stanton (Marlins) GF-14, Alexi Ogando (Rangers) GF-18
    1987 minis: Hanley Ramirez (Marlins) TM25, Eric Hosmer (Royals) TM3, Curtis Granderson (Yankees) TM50
    2012 Gypsy Queen
    Mini: Cal Ripken (Orioles) mini 253
    Sliding Stars: Derek Jeter (Yankees) SS-DJ, Nyjer Morgan (Brewers) SS-NM, Ryan Braun (Brewers) SS-RB, Ian Kinsler (Rangers) SS-IK
    Gold Framed: Andre Dawson (Cubs) 231, Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) 50
    Hallmark Heroes: Sandy Koufax (Dodgers) HH-SK
    Moonshots: Mike Stanton (Marlins) MS-MS, Ralph Kiner (Pirates) MS-RK
    2012 Bowman Sterling: Tyler Skaggs/Trevor Bauer (Diamondbacks) Next In Line NIL1
    2011 Topps Lineage
    Stand-ups: Jason Heyward (Braves) TS8
    Venezuelan: David Price (Rays) TV12
    Diamond Ann. Platinum Refractors: Whitey Ford (Yankees) 25
    Diamond Ann. Refractors: Duke Snider (Dodgers) 59, Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies) 80
    Rookies: Michael Pineda (Mariners) TR13
    2011 Topps
    Topps Town: Grady Sizemore (Indians) TT2-5, Dan Haren (Angels) TT-2, Evan Longoria (Rays) TT-23, Josh Johnson (Marlins) TT-24, Matt Garza (Rays) TT-26, Victor Martinez (Red Sox) TT-33, Carlos Santana (Indians) TT-41, Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox) TT-42, Ubaldo Jimenez (Rockies) TT-44, Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) TT-47
    Topps 60: Carl Crawford (Rays) T60-16, Josh Johnson (Marlins) T60-24, Thurman Munson (Yankees) T60-80, Tyler Chatwood (Angels) T60-142
    60 years of Topps: Andre Dawson (Expos) 60YOT-30, Carlton Fisk (Red Sox) 60YOT-22, Yogi Berra (Yankees) 60YOT-60
    Diamond Duos: Roy Halladay (Phillies)/Felix Hernandez (Mariners) DD-18
    Cognac Diamond Anniversary: Michael Bourn (Astros) 509, Dayan Viciedo (White Sox) 592
    Diamond Anniversary: Brian Broderick RC (Nationals) 368, Jeff Karstens (Pirates) US274, Aneury Rodriguez RC (Astros) 506
    2011 Topps Marquee: Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals) Copper (48/199)
    2011 Topps Tier One: David Ortiz (Red Sox) 79 (257/799)
    2011 Triple Threads
    Sepia: Carl Crawford (Red Sox) 32 (259/625)
    2011 Gypsy Queen
    Sticky Fingers: Alcides Escobar (Brewers) SF14, Mark Teixeira (Yankees) SF6
    Future Stars: Desmond Jennings (Rays) FS5
    Great Ones: Jackie Robinson (Dodgers) GO8
    Wall Climbers: Michael Brantley (Indians) WC8, Nick Swisher (Yankees) WC3
    2011 Bowman
    Gold Border: Andrew McCuthen (Pirates) 59, Stephen Drew (Diamondbacks) 100, Jason Castro (Astros) 134, Jered Weaver (Angels) 158
    Purple Border: Tyson Auer (Angels) BP76
    Finest Futures: Ryan Braun (Brewers) FF18, Andrew McCutchen (Pirates) FF24
    Gold: Andrew McCutchen (Pirates) 59
    2010 Allen & Ginter
    This Day In History: Hideki Matsui (Angels) TDH30
    2010 Topps
    Attax: Vernon Wells (Blue Jays), Derrek Lee (Cubs), Evan Longoria (Rays)
    Topps Town: Justin Upton (Diamondbacks) TTT-19
    Turkey Red: Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies) TR62, Grady Sizemore (Indians) TR67
    Tales of the Game: Jimmy Piersall (Mets) TOG-10
    2009 Allen & Ginter
    National Pride: Jonathan Sanchez (Giants) NP25
    Mini: Akinori Iwamura (Rays) 222
    2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom
    Perforated: Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox) 4, Alex Rios (Blue Jays) 14, Chris Young (Diamondbacks) 32, Carlos Pena (Rays) 33, Max Scherzer (Diamondbacks) 39, Cameron Maybin (Marlins) 62, Jeremy Hermida (Marlins) 113, Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox) 130, Gavin Floyd (White Sox) 144, Akinori Iwamura (Rays) 148, Randy Johnson (Giants) 160, Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) 166, Dan Uggla (Marlins) 173, Matt Cain (Giants) 180
    2009 Upper Deck Icons
    Future Foundations: Fausto Carmona (Indians) FF-FC (138/999)
    2008 Allen & Ginter
    United States: Jason Varitek (Red Sox) US22
    2008 Bowman
    Gold Border: Eric Chavez (A’s) 57, Bobby Crosby (A’s) 92, Stephen Drew (Diamondbacks) 123, Asdrubal Cabrera (Indians) 196
    2008 Finest
    Team Favorites: Alfonso Soriano (Cubs) TF-AS
    2008 Co-Signers: John Lackey (Angels) Plaid Red 71 (42/100), Joe Blanton (A’s) Silver Green 91a (172/200)
    2008 Upper Deck X
    Die Cut: Lastings Milledge (Nationals) 100
    2007 Ultimate Collection: Ben Sheets (Brewers) 29 (366/450), Manny Ramirez (Red Sox) 58 (418/450)
    2007 Topps
    Generation Now: Ryan Howard (Phillies) GN30
    2007 Topps Chrome
    Generation Now: Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals) GN264
    2007 Topps Heritage
    New Age Performers: Ryan Howard (Phillies) NP1
    Then & Now: Travis Hafner (Indians)/Stan Musial (Cardinals) TN8 (x2), Jim Bunning (Tigers)/Anibal Sanchez (Marlins) TN9
    Mantle 1958 Home Run Champion: MHRC3, 5, 11, 13, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27, 28, 29, 35, 37, 38
    2006 Allen & Ginter
    Dick Perez: Todd Helton (Rockies) 9
    2006 Bazooka
    Gold: Jermaine Dye (White Sox) 22
    Blue Fortune: Garret Anderson (Angels) 191
    2006 Bowman
    Gold: John Patterson (Nationals) 172
    2006 Bowman Draft Future’s Game
    Gold: Cameron Maybin (Tigers) 16
    2006 Bowman Heritage
    Chrome: Shea Hillenbrand (Giants) 86, Coco Crisp (Red Sox) 171
    2006 Topps
    Mantle Home Run History: MHR22, 35
    2006 Topps ’52
    Dynamic Duos: Joe Inglett/Andy Marte (Indians) DD10
    2006 Turkey Red
    Short Prints: Jhonny Peralta (Indians) 411
    2006 Upper Deck
    Amazing Greats: Jim Thome (White Sox/Phillies) JT
    Team Pride: Bobby Abreu (Phillies) TP-BA
    Diamond Collection: Jose Guillen (Nationals) DC-JG, Kevin Millwood (Phillies) DC-KM
    Run Producers: Andruw Jones (Braves) RP-3
    Star Attractions: Eric Gagne (Dodgers) SA-EG
    2006 Upper Deck Ovation
    Superstar Theatre: Travis Hafner (Indians) TH
    2006 UD Special FX
    Run Producers: Vladimir Guerrero Run Producers (Angels) RP-14
    Star Attractions: John Smoltz (Braves) Star Attractions SA-SM
    Player Highlights: Andruw Jones (Braves) Player Highlights PH-1
    Purple Refractors: Travis Harper (Rays) purple 828 (116/150)
    2006 Flair Showcase: Jeff Mathis (Angels) RC Blue Field Box 104 (111/150), Coco Crisp (Red Sox) 145
    2006 Fleer Greats of the Game
    Decade Greats: Eddie Mathews (Braves) DEC-EM
    2005 Turkey Red
    Red Border: Shawn Green (Diamondbacks) 105
    2004 Upper Deck Vintage: Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks) Old Judge OJ-11
    2004 Upper Deck Play Ball: Alec Zumwalt RP RC (Rays) 162 (0723/2004)
    2000 UD Ionix: Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks) Reciprocal R19
    2000 Upper Deck
    Statitude: Jeff Bagwell (Astros) S14
    2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX
    Stars of the System: Ben Petrick (Rockies) SS4
    1999 Metal
    Neophytes: Miguel Tejada (A’s) 11
    1999 Fleer Tradition
    Rookie Flashback: Todd Helton (Rockies) 11, Travis Lee (Diamondbacks) 13
    Going Yard: Vinny Castilla (Rockies) 4
    1999 Finest
    Leading Indicators: Albert Belle (White Sox) L5
    1999 Skybox Thunder
    Rave: Geoff Jenkins (Brewers) 101
    Unleashed: Todd Helton (Rockies) U9
    1999 Sports Illustrated
    One’s To Watch: Troy Glaus (Angels) 7, Eric Chavez (A’s) 9
    1999 SPx
    Premier Stars: Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks) PS28
    1999 Topps
    Record Numbers: Nomar Garciaparra (Red Sox) RN6, Kerry Wood (Cubs) RN7
    1999 Topps Chrome
    Lords of he Diamond: Greg Maddux (Braves) 15
    All-Etch: Marlon Anderson (Phillies) AE22
    New Breed: Andruw Jones (Braves) 12
    1999 Ultra
    Gold Medallion: Robin Ventura (White Sox) 54, Brian Anderson (Diamondbacks) 79, Hal Morris (Royals) 86, Bob Wickman (Brewers) 94, Jeff Conine (Royals) 115, Geoff Jenkins (Brewers) 131, Michael Tucker (Braves) 187, Karim Garcia (Diamondbacks) 209
    1998 Collector’s Choice
    Evolution Revolution: Scott Rolen (Phillies) ER21
    1999 SPx Finite
    Spectrum: Pedro Astacio (Rockies) 271 (1280/2250)
    1998 Topps
    Minter in Cooperstown: John Smoltz (Braves) 319
    HOF Collection: Ernie Banks (Cubs) HOF7, Bob Feller HOF (Indians) HOF9
    1998 Ultra
    RBI Kings: Darin Erstad (Angels) 8 (x2), Scott Rolen (Phillies) 12, Paul O’Neill (Yankees) 25, Andres Galarraga (Braves) 27, Tino Martinez (Yankees) 28, Ben Grieve (A’s) 30
    Tops 30: Travis Lee (Diamondbacks) 26
    1998 Upper Deck
    Rookie Edition Preview: Scott Rolen (Phillies) 2
    1997 Collector’s Choice
    The Big Show: John Smoltz (Braves) 4, Jose Canseco (Red Sox) 9, Roger Clemens (Red Sox) 10, Jim Edmonds (Angels) 12, Tim Salmon (Angels) 13 (x2), Albert Belle (White Sox) 15, Gary Sheffield (Marlins) 22, Craig Biggio (Astros) 23, Jeff Bagwell (Astros) 24, Todd Hollandsworth (Dodgers) 25, Hideo Nomo (Dodgers) 27 (x3), Mike Piazza (Dodgers) 28 (x3), Rondell White (Expos) 31, Jason Kendall (Pirates) 37
    Stick’Ums: Vladimir Guerrero (Expos) 28
    All-Star Connection: Robin Ventura (White Sox) 12, Hideo Nomo (Dodgers) 45
    Crash the Game: Jim Thome (Indians) 12B
    Crash the Game Exchange: Andruw Jones (Braves) CG3
    1997 Circa
    Fast Track: Todd Hollandsworth (Dodgers) 2
    Super Boss: Albert Belle (White Sox) 2
    1997 Donruss
    Dominators: Matt Williams (Indians) 15
    1997 Ultra
    Gold Medallion: Bobby Chouinard (A’s) 110, Mike Bordick (Orioles) 370, Jose Canseco (A’s) 376, Eddie Murray (Angels) 398, Jason Schmidt (Pirates) 414, Carlos Garcia (Blue Jays) 418, Mark Lemke (Braves) 419, Jaime Navarro (White Sox) 420, Mark Leiter (Phillies) 453, Ryan Jones (Blue Jays) 462, Derrick May (Phillies) 476, Jim Bullinger (Expos) 532, Bartolo Colon (Indians) 550
    Season Crowns: Sammy Sosa (Cubs) 11
    Golden Prospects: Vladimir Guerrero (Expos) 2 (x2), Karim Garcia (Dodgers) 4, Jason Dickson (Angels) 7 (x2), Jose Guillen (Pirates) 8
    1997 Score Showcase Series
    Artist’s Proof: John Wetteland (Rangers) 524
    1996 Collector’s Choice
    Silver Signature: Jermaine Dye (Braves) 437
    1996 Denny’s Holograms: Albert Belle (Indians) 4, Tim Salmon (Angels) 16
    One’s To Watch: Troy Glaus (Angels) 7
    1996 Metal
    Platinum: Ricky Bones (Brewers) 68
    1996 King B Discs: Hideo Nomo (Dodgers) 19
    1996 Pinnacle
    Starburst: Charles Johnson (Marlins) 20, Dante Bichette (Rockies) 66
    1996 Score
    Dugout Collection: Jeff Blauser (Braves) B13
    1996 Ultra
    Gold Medallion: Mike Lansing (Expos) 232
    Fresh Foundations: Hideo Nomo (Dodgers) 8
    1996 Upper Deck
    Nomo Highlights: Hideo Nomo (Dodgers) 4
    1995 Collector’s Choice
    Gold Signature: Mark Acre (A’s) 18, Steve Cooke (Pirates) 378
    Silver Signature: Paul O’Neill (Yankees) 72, Albert Belle (Indians) 83, Todd Van Poppel (A’s) 137, Pat Bordes (Blue Jays) 146, Darryl Hamilton (Brewers) 178, Kirt Manwaring (Giants) 257, Bill Swift (Giants) 259, Steve Cooke (Pirates) 378, John Valentin (Red Sox) 409, Jose Lind (Royals) 454, Tim Raines (White Sox) 495, Luis Polonia (Yankees) 516, Scott Kamieniecki (Yankees) 523
    1995 Leaf
    Great Gloves: Roberto Alomar (Blue Jays) 2
    1995 Stadium Club
    Clear Cut: Lenny Dykstra (Phillies) CC25
    1995 Ultra
    Gold Medallion: Sean Berry (Expos) 187
    Strikeout King: Pedro Martinez (Expos) 5
    Hitting Machine: Dante Bichette (Rockies) 3
    1994 Collector’s Choice
    Silver Signature: Dave Burba (Giants) 67, Pete Incaviglia (Phillies) 144, Mike Lansing (Expos) 170, Scott Radinsky (White Sox) 235, Greg Myers (Angels) 461
    1994 Donruss
    Special Edition: Benito Santiago (Marlins) 68, Bryan Harvey (Marlins) 94
    1994 Finest: Paul Sorrento (Indians) Pre-Production 185P
    1994 Flair
    Outfield Power: Lenny Dykstra (Phillies) 4
    1994 Score
    Gold Rush: Lenny Harris (Dodgers) 152, Larry Andersen (Phillies) 237, Tim Belcher (White Sox) 470
    1994 Topps
    Gold: Scott Lydy (A’s) 160, Craig Grebeck (White Sox) 176, Mark Thompson (Rockies) 286, Jimmy Key (Yankees)/Tom Glavine (Braves) 393, Dave Stewart (Blue Jays) 455, Tom Larkin (Brewers) 558, Kirk Rueter (Expos) 628, David Justice (Braves) 630, Joe Carter (Blue Jays) 645, Chuck Carr (Marlins) 653, Steve Sax (White Sox) 662, John Wasdin (A’s) 749 (x2)
    1994 Stadium Club
    Golden Rainbow: Walt Weiss (Rockies) 581
    1994 Ultra
    All-Stars: Tom Glavine (Braves) 19
    Award Winners: Jack McDowell (White Sox) 22
    1994 Upper Deck
    Electric Diamond: Shane Andrews (Expos) 2, Dave Magadan (Marlins) 73, Bobby Witt (A’s) 120, Wally Joyner (Royals) 169, Ken Hill (Expos) 173, Greg Harris (Rockies) 194, Darrell Whitmore (Marlins) 233, Andres Galarraga (Rockies) 270, Pedro Martinez (Expos) 318
    Electric Diamond Silver Back: Rondell White (Expos) 237
    1993 Collector’s Choice
    Silver Signature: Brent Gates (A’s) 107, Juan Guzman (Blue Jays) 120
    1993 Flair
    Wave of the Future: Rondell White (Expos) 13
    1993 Kraft: Dennis Eckersley (A’s) 6
    1993 Topps
    Gold: Luis Sojo (Angels) 347, Terry Mulholland (Phillies) 555, Joel Adamson (Marlins) 613, Steve Avery (Braves) 615, Bobby Thigpen (White Sox) 645, Steve Frey (Angels) 728
    Black Gold: Joe Carter (Blue Jays) 26
    1991 Leaf
    Gold Leaf Rookies: Wil Cordero (Expos) BC3
    1991 Score Magic Motion Trivia: 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 18, 19 (x2), 23, 26, 31, 34, 43, 46, 47, 48, 52
    1990 Fleer
    Team Stickers: Braves/Cubs/Reds/Astros 1
    1990 Score Magic Motion Trivia: 1, 8
    1988 Donruss
    Diamond Kings: Cal Ripken Jr. (Orioles) 26
    1987 Topps
    Mini Leaders: Von Hayes (Phillies) 28

    • Buster Posey (Giants) 2010 Bowman Platinum RC 18
• Kris Bryant (Cubs) 2015 Topps Update US283
• Kris Bryant (Cubs) 2015 Topps High Tek Dots HTKB
• Wei-Yin Chen (Orioles) 2012 Topps Chrome 188
• Yu Darvish (Rangers) 2012 Finest RC 35
• Hideo Nomo (Dodgers) 1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond 226
• Hideo Nomo (Dodgers) 1995 Flair 368
• Billy Wagner (Astros) 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond 524
• Manny Machado (Orioles) 2013 Topps 270
• Yoenis Cespedes (A’s) 2012 Topps 396
• Yoenis Cespedes (A’s) 2012 Topps Archives 95
• Alex Rodriguez (Mariners) 1993 Classic Four Sport 260
• J.D. Martinez (Astros) 2010 Bowman Platinum PP23 (x2)


    • Dilson Herrera (Mets) 2015 Finest RC auto
    • Edwin Escobar (Red Sox) 2015 Finest RC Orange Auto (22/25)
    • Hector Olivera (Dodgers) 2015 Bowman Chrome Auto
    • Jesse Winker (Reds) 2012 Bowman Sterling Auto Gold (17/50)
    • David Vidal (Reds) 2012 Bowman Sterling Auto
    • Jean Segura (Brewers) 2012 Bowman Sterling Autograph
    •*Cody Bellinger (Dodgers) 2015 Bowman Chrome Autograph
    • Mike Minor (Braves) Topps Tier One On The Rise Autograph (2/25)
    • David DeJesus (A’s) 2011 Topps Lineage 1952 Autos
    • Angel Berroa (Royals) 2004 UD Etchings Etched in Time Auto
    • Jhoulys Chacin 2009 UD Signature Stars Auto
    • Gauntlett Eldemire 2012 UD Goodwin Champions Auto

    2015 Topps
    Rainbow Foil: Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) 100
    2015 Topps Chrome Refractors
    Base: Scooter Gennett (Brewers) 3
    Sepia: Adam Wainwright (Cardinals) 82
    Prism: Dalton Pompey RC (Blue Jays) 18
    2015 Topps Update
    Rainbow Foil: Colby Rasmus (Astros) US244
    Chrome Pulsar Ref: Craig Kimbrel (Padres) US237, Howie Kendrick (Dodgers) US309
    2015 Bowman Chrome
    Purple Ref: Michael Brantley (Indians) 2 (83/250), Anthony Ranaudo (Rangers) 197 (42/250)
    Blue Ref: Monte Harrison (Brewers) BCP206 (76/150)
    Orange Wave Ref: Nolan Sanburn (White Sox) BCP177, Bradley Zimmer (Indians) BCP223, Braden Shipley (Diamondbacks) BCP228
    Series Next: Blake Swihart (Red Sox) SN-BS
    Prospect Profiles: Julio Urias (Dodgers) PP-7, Hunter Harvey (Orioles) PP-22
    2015 Finest
    Base Ref: Yoenis Cespedes (Tigers) 34
    Prism Ref: Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) 5, Yoenis Cespedes (Tigers) 34
    Purple Ref: Dalton Pompey RC (Blue Jays) 14 (85/250)
    I am ONLY interested in Twins stuff. Any Twins, current or former. I like Autos, GU, RC, refractors, parallels, or inserts. I've even been known to trade some base lots. But they MUST be in Twins uniforms.

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    Sorry, this was a duplicate post.
    I am ONLY interested in Twins stuff. Any Twins, current or former. I like Autos, GU, RC, refractors, parallels, or inserts. I've even been known to trade some base lots. But they MUST be in Twins uniforms.

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    Go to roberobcffdf's ebay items


    The Buxton is pending, but I do have the Mauer. It only BV's for $6, was there anything else you could use

    Robbie, Set Builder
    Current Set Needs Thread
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    Hey - sorry been away for a bit.

    If you're still interested in the Sandberg for McCutchen trade I'm fine with that...if not no worries. Totally my fault.

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