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I'm in
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i still have limited net access , but i'll give it a shot.....

i MAY also have an opening in my own 16-year old keeper league ....if you're interested , let me know and i'll double check before i head out of town this week....

one final point regarding yahoo's head to head w-l-t scoring....unless they changed it this season , they dont simply give you a win , loss , or tie for your matchup...instead of one team earning the win , the score for the week is based o a point for each category.....let's say you use 8 categories....so a win may be 8-0....6-2....4-3-1 ...etc...the season standings are based on that scoring system instead of actual head-to-head wins....
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Consider me in, if you get enough teams. I may have a scheduling conflict with the draft, but I don't mind setting my rankings in case it auto-drafts me. Thanks for organizing!!


Need you e-mails to send the Fantasy Baseball invitations.