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Thread: WTTF possibly lower grade 1971 Topps Baseball

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    WTTF possibly lower grade 1971 Topps Baseball

    Im working on a full 752 card 1971 set and a 1-643 minus the SPs set.Would prefer lower grade cards as long as not marked on fronts(Backs would be ok if not too bad), not water damaged, or badly creased or mangled.I have many vintage to trade from but are in lower conditions as well, though some may be better.Here is what I need on each set:

    1st set(752): 400,525,529,546,550,567,570,624,630,646, 648,650,661,664,666,672,674,688,696,700, 709,712,714,715,733,735,740,748,750.

    2nd set(1-643 only):
    14,55,100,180,230,264,276,280,311,327,32 9,340,341,380,384,
    385,400,458,495,513,523,525,530,535,550, 563,567,570,573,574,580,585,594,600,603, 605,609,618,620,624,625,630,635,640
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    Hello again Jeff, been off this site for the last couple of years since my cards were packed away after my move 3 years ago, but I did go through one box and had these 8 high numbers including the Sparky Anderson, Rich Allen, and Jon Matlack RC: 646, 648, 650, 688, 696, 712, 733, 748.

    I also had some stars, big like Rose, Yaz, Killebrew, and Carlton as well as a Concepcion RC, Ted Williams, Walt Alston, Fergie Jenkins, Rollie Fingers, and Joe Morgan: 14, 55, 100, 264, 280, 329, 380, 384, 523, 530, 550, 567, 618

    I'll get to a minor box of 1971's tomorrow as well as get you a scan. I'll also update my 1969 set needs and post that as I have made some progress on that list without updating from my site, really need a Mantle although other bigger ones are Bobby Bonds RC, Fergie Jenkins, Steve Carlton, Rod Carew, and Jim Palmer

    Here's my updated 1969 wants

    The scans, all backs look good, obvious miscut on Killebrew and Concepcion, crease in team name of Killebrew and Rich Allen who has a couple more , full length crease on Lee Maye plus right side crease.
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    I have the following:311,385,448,495 and 574. They are not the greatest, but if you have 5 I need I can upgrade later. PM me. Mark

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    I got 3 for ya i can send in the next box 696,746,712 dell

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