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Thread: 1971 Topps HI'S fs

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    1971 Topps HI'S fs

    Will be adding more stuff to this post in the next coming weeks all scans are in the photobucket most are in nice shape. Same as last post if need a better scan email. Please send offers on cards you want. Shipping is 2.50 in a bubble envie thanks
    cards #86,101,120,160,316,389,401,403,405,453, 444,481,657,678,679,681,682,684,689,699, 701,707,716,746,752

    Scans :

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    Those are in much better condition than the 72's but there are scans of each card in my bucket as for a price i have give you one in the morning watching the finals but will be in touch dell

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    I think I'll just stick with the original 72 lot for $9, if agreeble plz post (The 71s are a bit softer than I want....) Thanks! Pat

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