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Thread: Looking to buy your Low End Autos/Jerseys!!!!

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    Looking to buy your Low End Autos/Jerseys!!!!

    Title says it all. I do not have a price in mind that im looking to pay. I will be using them for some lots im putting together to sell at a show in a few weeks. Not looking to spend a lot per card though. Make me some deals.

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    How much are you looking to spend I have a fair share of autos and game used mostly with a BV of around 8-10
    need baseball '06 fleer tradition, few commons all inserts, gu & au

    im also a unique memorbilia card collecter anything from gloves, on ball or on bat or on anything autos (from sweet spot or something),
    patches, shin guards (mostly find these in prime patches & absolute memorbilia)

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    I can send you 10 g/u and certified autos for $12.00 dlvd,or 15 for $15.00 dlvd...all football,all nm-mt.,how does that sound ?let me know soon...

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    check my thread in the buy / trade football. I have a 45 card lot of game used and autos for sale. thanks. larry
    looking to trade for rookies auto.s jerseys. i will trade for rookies . or game used and auto,s in baseball.. and. lmk what cha got.

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