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Thread: TTM Auestion for the Vets

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    TTM Auestion for the Vets

    Hi all. Just wondering if any of you have had players that sign and inscribe with a Bible verse? Thanks.
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    I have from Frank Tanana

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    A good reason to see my 1988 Topps signed cards

    Jerry Don Gleaton
    Tim Hulett
    Frank Tanana
    Ken Phelps
    Kevin Seitzer
    Bob Patterson
    Mike Kingery
    Mark Thurmond
    Oddibe McDowell
    Mark Eichhorn
    Pat Combs
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    Sid Bream also signs with bible verse
    All cards I have are grade EX or higher(unless noted), I expect the same in return

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    Tim Foli Romans 8:28
    Will trade for vintage and current Pittsburgh Pirates, Pirates certified and TTM/IP autos, '70s food issues and oddballs, 1979-80 Topps and OPC hockey, vintage soccer, and other randomosities.

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    Mike Sweeney always does, and often varies between Matthew and II Timothy. He is my favorite player!

    I know a good number of retired players do, its a nice touch!

    God Bless,

    "For nothing will be impossible for God" ~ Luke 1:37

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    Just off the top of my head and going back and looking through everything - the only name that comes to mind is Charlie Ward.
    Building Topps sets from 1969 to the present. Always looking for Puckett cards.

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    Atlee Hammaker
    Brian Harper

    I've gotten a bunch IP who do it too:
    Turner Ward
    Justin Masterson
    Eric Niesen
    David Murphy
    Jeanmar Gomez
    Frazier Hall

    And in football...
    Oscar Roan
    Don Cockroft
    Lyle Blackwood
    Karl Mecklenburg
    Brady Quinn

    If someone asked me to put a verse, I'd go for irony and put Matthew 6:6.

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    Bob Randall
    Doug Jones
    Alvin Davis
    Don Money AKA Chris B.

    Proud Owner of the BSL's Milwaukee Brewers

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    Greg Gagne
    "Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us"Kirby Puckett at his retirement speech July 16th 1996

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    John Olerud
    I collect a little bit of everything...Always looking for Thome's that I dont have.

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