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Thread: All my Set Wantlists!

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    Yes. You are correct. Just check my trade page link to see if there's anything there you could use. Thanks, bill.

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    Are you still interested in buying I'll list what I have the biggest thing I would want out of it was to cover the shipping cost.

    Derek Jeter collector 600 cards 18 game used 1 auto and 1 autograph jersey

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    PM me and we'll get something posted up. Thanks, Bill.

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    Is your want list up to date?
    Six cards or less will go out via PWE unless they are GU's or Auto's. Please don't send damaged cards to me because I will send them right back and you will be responsible for the postage. I don't mean to sound stern, but this has happened to me way too often and it's very frustrating. Hope you understand. My traders are listed on my webpage


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    Hi - Are you still buying cards?
    My wantlists and lists of most of my duplicates are at my website:

    Wantlists for baseball and hockey and football
    Tradelists/sale lists for all four sports

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    I have:

    2000 Leaf limited: 242 260 270
    2000 Topps 361 362 363 366 374
    1978 320 John Stallworth

    Assuming you still need, i'll look at your tradelist, but do you have any 2108 Bowmans Best Baseball?
    Looking for:
    2018 Bowman's Best Cards I need (I don't have a want list yet)
    Players: Gennett (Reds), Harper (Nationals/Phillies), Keiboom (Nationslas) Peraza (Reds)
    Realmuto (Phillies), Scherzer (Nationals), Senzel (Reds), Soto (Nationals), Strasburg (Nationals), Suarez (reds), Turner (Nationals), Zunino (Rays)

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    I could use those if you can find anything on my trade page link. Do not have any 18 bowman baseball however. Thanks and lmk, bill.

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