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Thread: TTM-Best Guys You've Heard From?

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    TTM-Best Guys You've Heard From?

    Who are the best TTM guys in sports? By this I mean what have your best experiences been through the mail? I thought it would be a fun thread if we shared with each other the best most gracious Signers.

    For me in baseball so far it has been hands-down Dyar Miller. I have asked him several questions and he actually wrote me a letter back answering them! He wished me well and signed the letter and cards. He even thanked me for being a baseball fan!

    Another good one and baseball is Bob Randall. He sent back my card autographed with a beautiful inscription "brothers in Christ ". I was thrilled !

    On the football side Haven Moses was signed my cards and additionally sign my letter . He went above and beyond what a great guy !

    Anyway, looking forward to your stories of generous signers!

    Don Money AKA Chris B.

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    For me Al Bumbry hands down the man has signed everything for me and has had personal correspondence as well. Also Floyd Rayford same as Al. Baseball is about the only sport I Ttm
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    When it comes to football, this thread should begin and end with Raymond Berry.

    He signed the cards I sent, added in an extra sig, and wrote a note back with an SASE of his own because his hobby is learning about peoples' surnames and wanted to know more about mine. So I wrote a long, three-page typed history of my family's naming history since it's pretty interesting if you're into that sort of thing (just through my paternal line, it has changed 7 or 8 times). He wrote back that it was one of the best letters he received, so I sent another back with my mom's family's names as well.

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    Hmmm, unfortunately two of the best, Andy Benes and John Mabry have stopped signing! Some other very reliable signers (and nice men in real life!) Mike Sweeney, Jamie Moyer, Al Hrabosky. Have always had great returns, Al is super fast, Mike and Jamie are reliable, but take anywhere from 1-4 months, generally.

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    These are all great answers, Neshek is definitely the best player that is currently active when it comes to TTM.
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    I sent cards for '70s Astros Norm Miller to sign, mentioned to him that I caught an interview of him & I commenced to commiserate w/ him over the challenges of teaching youngsters with the added challenge of helicopter parents. He signed all my cards and sent me a signed copy of his book "To All My Fans.... from Norm who?"

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    t.rooster-great interaction, thanks for sharing!

    Don Money AKA Chris B.

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    I've gotten signed extras back recently from Jim Campanis, Chuck Hartenstein, and John Kundla (RIP).
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    Quote Originally Posted by abeabe View Post
    These are all great answers, Neshek is definitely the best player that is currently active when it comes to TTM.
    Absolutely best IP as well.

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