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    Article: Welcome all...

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    I collect anything and everything Jerry Rice! Always looking for any I don't have!

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    very nice
    "Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last...
    Tomorrow is Not Promised

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    This is a fantastic community who has supported us through job losses and deaths of family members, and has shared our joy through births of three children, and brought about a ton of collecting fun! God Bless the Bench and everyone involved!

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    If it wasn't for The Bench, I would have probably stopped being an active collector years ago.

    My wife thanks everyone here for keeping me busy. Otherwise I'd be in her hair "helping" her in her pursuits.
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    i just signed up eager to see what the site is all to add to my collection via trades with other collectors!

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    Thanks for the welcome! Was a new trader in 2015 and collect NY Giants card. I made five or six trades before I became ill and stopped trading. Topps leaving the football market, kept me on the sidelines. This year with the acquisition of Saquon Barkley it's time to pick up the banner and look forward to trading again.

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    Thanks for allowing me to join the site! Actively collecting SF 49ers cards daily it seems. I've been buying so many, thought I would check out the trade possibilities

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