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    Book Value Question

    Hey Everyone,

    Wasn't sure if this was the right place for this, but had a question about book value. When purchasing cards what is the typical percentage of book value that I should expect to pay on average? I am guessing that base cards, inserts, parallels, auto's, and game used all go for different rates. Anyone that could help would be great!

    I am fairly new to collecting & want to make sure that I am being fair in my expectations.

    This is specific to football, I don't collect any other sports.


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    You should be able to get 50% of book value if not more when purchasing unless it is someone who is super hot at the time. When trading people will usually trade by book value but everyone figures that Beckett can cut almost all their prices in half and no one would be surprised. But as usual a card is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it but the days of paying full book value for cards are long gone.

    Hope this helps,

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    You can check completed sold listings on ebay and compare to their BV's to get a percentage. But unless it's a hot rookie or superstar, 20-25% of BV is typical.

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    Thanks everyone!

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