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Thread: Braves Fans Smoltz and Maddux Game Used F/T

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    Braves Fans Smoltz and Maddux Game Used F/T

    J Smoltz
    04 Fleer Fabrics W/JSY #FF-SM
    05 B-Hert W/JSY PG-JS
    08 Topps Hert Grey JSY Clubhouse Collection CC-JS

    G Maddux
    01 Fleer Platinum Grey JSY
    03 Playoff Absolute TOTT Grey JSY TTS 208/250
    05 Fleer Diamond Tributes W/JSY Blue Pin DT-GM
    04 Donruss Elite Jumbo W/JSY TT-6 83/150
    02 Fleer EX Duel Grey JSYS (31)
    02 Donruss Studio Jumbo W/JSY DC-12 42/150
    04 Donruss Timber and Threads Grey JSY TT-9
    02 UD Diamond Collection Jumbo W/JSY #210 #749/775

    Polar Bear 67

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    02 diamond collection jumbo
    02 Ex duel

    Do you have scans or pics of these? I can shoot you my cell number if you don’t and wanna text them to me

    EDIT. cancel that. I just found I have both of them. And the others. Darn. I was excited to finally pick up a Maddux ��
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    Maddux Numbers: 3618/10942 different Beckett Recognized cards33.6%GU-480 AU-28 1/1 - 39
    Maddux Master Needlist - Need anything listed

    GU FT
    If you have Greg Maddux Topps Moments and Milestones FT, PLMK still need a bunch from 07 and 08 Base, Black, and Blue, and of course Red.

    BSL Chicago Cubs Owner

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    No Problem picking this stuff all the time from a friend of mine who just lost his home parents and his parents house in Harvey.
    Polar Bear 67

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    What would you be looking for in return?

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    Either one of these 3 items
    Auto/Game Used
    Would prefer either vintage or Refractors I can use for my Grandaughters collections.
    Polar Bear 67

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    I have these refractors. No Vintage Red Sox. I have several Red Sox GU also.

    2016 Chrome Ortiz Prizm Refractor #153
    2016 Chrome Prospectives Ortiz Refractor PC-8 (looks to be a refractor)
    2016 Chrome Ramirez Sepia Refractor # 180
    2016 Chrome Pedroia Prizm Refractor #78
    2016 Chrome Kimbrel Pink Refractor #119
    2017 Chrome Refractor Sale #160, Bogaerts #45
    2017 Chrome Prizm Refractors Bogaerts #45, Ortiz #150 (qty 2)
    2017 Chrome Pink Refractor Benintendi #100
    2017 Heritage Purple Chrome Refractor Bogaerts #427
    1998 Topps Power Brokers Refractor Mo Vaughn PB13

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    What do u have in Red Sox Game used from 14 thru 17
    Would also be interested in the Bogies Ref and Bennie refractor as well.
    Let me know when u get a chance ok
    Polar Bear 67

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    All my Red Sox GU are from before 2014
    I do have a 2015 Topps Castillo Commemorative Bat Knob CBK-24

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    Don't collect below 12 Topps Game used unless it's of current players
    Boogie/Bennie and mook and Bradley.
    But will listen to refractors from all teams and named players.
    Always open to any fair offers.

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