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Thread: My Mets needs pre 1970 needs

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    My Mets needs pre 1970 needs

    Hi all,

    I need some help completing a few 1960's Mets sets

    1962 Topps Baseball Bucks Mets (Want List): New set as of 1/19/13. I need:
    8 Gus Bell
    36 Gil Hodges
    53 Felix Mantilla

    1964 Topps (Mets) (Want List): Updated 1/1/13, Thanks to Michael Guastaferro, Tom Szczygiel and Pat Looney, Trading Bases, Michael Garron OCT, Steve Archibald, Bob Bard and Randy Anglin, VCT and Lynn Miller, OBC and Ralph Genova and all my OBC friends that attended the Anaheim National. I need
    457 Jesse Gonder
    477 Mike Joyce
    527 Larry Bearnarth

    1965 OPC Mets (Want List): Updated 9/6/15, Thanks to Ken Monk 2x,VCT, Wayne Graves, Trading Bases and TJ Valacak, OBC (2x). I need:
    61 Chris Cannizzaro
    93 Jack Fisher
    205 Warren Spahn
    227 Bobby Klaus

    1965 Topps Mets (Want list) Updated 1/14/15, Thanks to Bob Schaub, Tim Morales, Michael Garron and Michael Salinsky OCT and all my OBC friends at the Anaheim National and Santa also Thanks to Ray Luurs, Bill Ashton and Joshua Levine, OBC, Bob D’Angelo OCT/OBC and The Dugout and Ted Clayton, Trading Bases, Len Medeiros, OCT and the Dugout, Randy Welk, OBC and Steve Soklow, I need..
    187 Casey Stengel
    205 Warren Spahn
    349 Larry Miller
    533 Mets Rookies (Bethke, McGraw, Napolean, Swoboda

    1966 Topps Mets, (Want list) Updated 1/2/13, Thanks to Jack Downs, Alan Ballard, Trading Bases, Brian Beta, Ray Luurs, Sal Domino, OBC, Steve Archibald and Bob Bard, VCT and Carl Kogut, Trading Bases and VCT. I need..
    561 Choo Choo Coleman
    589 Lou Klimchock

    1966 Topps Rub-Offs Mets (Want List): Updated 12/18/16, Thanks to my OBC friends at the 2015 Nationals, Jimi Thayer, Trading Bases, VCT and OCT and Randy Griffin, OBC/OCT and VCT I need:
    Ken Boyer
    Jack Fisher

    1967 Topps Mets Upgrades Needs (Looking for Nrmt or better- good centering, good corners(No Dinged Corners), no creases or writing, No Gum Stain, no marks on the card), Updated 7/19/12, Thanks to Mike Kelemen, Trading Bases I need
    42 Mets Team Card
    370 Tommy Davis
    470 Bob Shaw
    487 Tommie Reynolds
    522 John Stephenson

    1968 Topps Mets (Want List): Updated 1/10/12 Thanks to Brian Betza, OBC and Michael Garron, OCT and VCT, Alan Ballard, Tim Smith and Stu Gash,, Trading Bases and Bob Bard, VCT and Ralph Genova, Santa from GA and Jerry Hoover, I need
    177 Rookie Stars - Nolan Ryan & Jerry Koosman
    569 NL Rookies (Murrell/Rohr)

    1969 Topps Mets (Want list): Updated 4/8/10, Thanks to Owen Sterner, Mark Nickerson ,Joe Dalton, and Santa (Jeff Whitmore)Trading Bases, Ralph Genova and Chuck Bosshardt, Trading Bases,OCT, VCT and the Dugout, Jeff Sinclair, TJ Valacak, Lynn Miller and John Stamper, OBC, Brian Betza, OBC and VCT and Jerry Hoover. I need:
    480 Tom Seaver
    533 Nolan Ryan

    Thank you for looking
    Merry Christmas

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    What grade you looking for?

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    Go to collectorskip's ebay items

    Can't help you out, but best of luck from a fellow Mets fan
    On small trades I use PWE but'll use a bubble mailer if you ask.
    Slow trader. Please be patient: I love trading, but I don't have enuf time for it, so it takes me a while.

    Check my site: for wants and trade items.
    "CMB"'s will be ignored. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heritage View Post
    What grade you looking for?
    I would like VG, no creases

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots View Post
    Can't help you out, but best of luck from a fellow Mets fan
    Thanks and I think its going to be another long year for us Mets fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinM38 View Post
    I would like VG, no creases

    Ok ill see if I can help at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heritage View Post
    Ok ill see if I can help at all.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas

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