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Thread: So yesterday I went to the Antiques Roadshow....

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    Question So yesterday I went to the Antiques Roadshow....

    My girlfriend, her aunt and I had entered for free tickets, of course I won. I didn't have much to bring but I brought a signed Pete Gray baseball. I originally bought it for around $15. I know not it goes for about $100. I know it's authentic. That really isn't the issue. I know to authenticate the ball, it cost $25. Grading are more fees. Since I'm not looking to sell it, is it really worth the effort?
    I've stopped collecting, BUT I still pick up cards I can trade or sell to all of you. I will trade for autos if you really want something but I usually want $ but I realize not everyone can afford to buy.

    I try to ship within one or two days. Unless the trade is more than one card or a GU/auto, I use a PWE.

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    Maybe your Girl's Aunt might have something interesting for you to take to the the show! Best regards, David
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    Not worth it........Just get a UV ball holder to keep it in, that's a better investment........

    Would like to make trades worthy of the BB mailer........Trying to avoid PWE trades......

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