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Thread: My Customs! **NEW IMAGES TODAY!!

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    My Customs! **NEW IMAGES TODAY!!

    This forum has been dormant for a while, so I am starting a thread to show off some custom cards I have made recently (past year or so!)

    I have taken a break from the bench and from collecting, but goodness knows I miss it here, and have a few minutes, so am going to be adding to the thread as time permits! Here are some old ones! (Please excuse the graininess of some images, they look much better in person!

    Johnny Lujack:

    AAGPBL Quad Cut

    The Gentleman, Ed Mickelson!

    Danny Wuerffel:


    Robert Parish on card signature:


    Stan the Man!

    Arnie and Jack:

    Da Bears!

    Nathan Scheelhaase:

    Ray Meyer:
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    Beautiful cards
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    Nice to see your handy work and you at the same time, welcome back!

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    Bumed that these are a tad grainy....Jeff Suppan and Lou Boudreau have Fenway infield dirt embedded in the card as well!
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    "For nothing will be impossible for God" ~ Luke 1:37

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    Johnny Lujack returned these to me yesterday, I am super excited about how they came out!

    "For nothing will be impossible for God" ~ Luke 1:37

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    I had no idea that Johnny Lujack was still alive and seemingly doing OK! My dad played for Syracuse at that time and there is no way I would have believed that a Heisman Trophy winner from that era was still alive. I also did not know he was Polish until seeing that on his Wikipedia page.

    Really nice work on all those Kevin!

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    Thank you very much, Jeff, I sure enjoyed making these, in my 5 extra minutes each month!! Johnny is a great man, served in the Navy during WWII, and is now 93 years young, still in good health! I thought his signature was sharp, and love the way the cards came out!

    God Bless!

    "For nothing will be impossible for God" ~ Luke 1:37

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