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    One card per box
    One Encased Auto or Auto'd Relic

    All numbered to 15 or less

    I received this one:

    Hit Kings Auto'd Relic #ed to 15
    Don Mattingly

    Luminaries is definitely a premium issue! Here in O'do the single card boxes are going for $215+.... and it is definitely for the player collector and the 'gambler'.

    The card looks fantastic and is extremely well done. The blue Sharpee auto is on card and best of all -- numbered to 15! This is as it should be on an exclusive issue such as Luminaries -- no cards numbered to 99 or 199 or greater! Well done Topps.

    There are a ton of variations/colors of cards - including cut signatures, bat knobs, patch books, dual patch books, greatest autograph book... to name a few... that's where the 'gambler' comes in... IF you're the fortunate one to pull one of these-- ya hit it big!

    Overall grade A -- for the execution and B+ for the price -- a bit pricey for the average individual....

    Try your good fortune and let us know what you pulled.

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    Very cool....I like to gamble, but this isn't something I would buy blind. Think $215 could be spent on items I know I need, rather than hoping to get.

    But still, the Mattingly is a nice pull. Especially a lower #'d run.
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    Nice card. Wish I had something to trade for it.
    Don't think I could spend that much on a 1 card pack.
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    Super cool!
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    Very nice
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    Nice cards....good looking Don Mattingly auto! Best regards, David
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