Hi all,

Sorry to say I am not a billionaire as someone in South Carolina stole my Lotto ticket, lol
If I won, all of you would be owning a Mantle 1952 Topps card..smile

I do have some time now to play with my cards, so here are my 1996 Mets needs (and some have sets).
Any Help would be appreciated
Happy Trading,
Kevin Martens

1996 Aficionado Mets (Want List): Updated 4/25/18, Thanks to Dave Keller, Trading Bases, OCT and The Dugout, Gary Sitze, Quincy Wong, David Corliss and Larry McGowan, Trading Bases and Ron Balston. I need.
76 Bernard Gilkey

1996 Aficionado Artist Proof (Want List): Updated 3/30/13. I need

1996 Best Autograph Series Autographs Mets: Updated 12/17/10, Thanks to Richard Blackmon 2x, Trading Bases and TOCV. I have..
Brett Herbison, Jay Payton,

1996 Bowman Foil Mets (Want List): Updated 2/9/13, Thanks to Quincy Wong, Stu Gash and David Corliss, Trading Bases. I need:

1996 Classic Assets Hot Print (Mets) (Want List): New set as of 9/22/10, Thanks to Quincy Wong, Trading Bases. I need
33 Jay Payton

1996 Donruss Press Proof: (Want List): Updated 8/27/13, Thanks to Quincy Wong, Stu Gash 2x and Tim Smith, Trading Bases. I need

1996 Fleer EXCEL MINORS METS (Want List): Updated 1/28/13, Thanks to David Corliss, Trading Bases.. I need
188 Eric Ludwick
191 Jay Payton
192 Paul Wilson
193 Julio Zorrilla

1996 Finest Gold Mets (Want List):
51 Jason Isringhausen
338 Rey Ordonez

1996 Finest Refractor Mets (Have): 200,245,339

1996 Finest Silver Refractor Mets (Have): 38

1996 Fleer Mets Tiffany Mets (Want List): Updated 10/3/14, Thanks to Bob Loritz, David Corliss and Stu Gash 2x, Trading Bases. I need

1996 Fleer Mets 1996 Fleer Update Tiffany Mets (Want List): Updated 2/15/09, Thanks to Bill Myers, Trading Bases
U156 Bernard Gilkey
U161 Kevin Roberson

1996 Leaf Signature Series Mets (Want List): Updated 3/18/11, Thanks to Ron Brown 2x, Larry McGowan and Stu Gash, Trading Bases and June Maxwell. I need
102 Alex Ochoa
129 Bill Pulsipher
146 Carlos Baerga

1996 Leaf Signature Series Press Proof Mets (Want List):
8 Rico Brogna
45 Todd Hundley
58 Rey Ordonez
81 Paul Wilson
102 Alex Ochoa
129 Bill Pulsipher
146 Carlos Baerga

1996 Leaf Authentic Signature Series Mets Autographs (Have): Updated 5/14/15, Thanks to Kelly Glazner and Mark Nickerson Trading Bases and Eric Swartz, VCT. I have the following
Juan Acevedo,Tm Bogar, Rico Brogna, Mark Clark, John Franco ,Pete Harnish, Doug Henry,
Butch Huskey, Chris Jones, Dave Mlicki, Alex Ochoa, Robert Person, Kevin Roberson and
Jose Vizcaino

1996 Metal Platinum Edition Mets (Wantlist): Updated 8/27/13, Thanks to Tim Smith, Trading Bases. I need:
202 Lance Johnson
205 Bill Pulsipher
206 Jose Vizcaino

1996 Pacific Advil Nolan Ryan Mets (Want List): New set as of 1/17/18. Thanks to Larry Luginsky, Trading Bases. I need

1996 Pacific Prism Mets (Want List): Updated 2/17/11, Thanks to Pete Meyers and Ora Cropley, Trading Bases, I need..
47 John Franco

1996 Pinnacle Foil Mets(Want List): Updated 10/20/10, Thanks to Jack Downs and Damian Varga, Trading Bases
346 Bernard Gilkey
352 Lance Johnson

1996 Pro Stamps METS(Want List): New set as of 11/18/08. I need
NNO Team Logo METS
71 Todd Hundley
72 Jose Vizcaino
73 Jeff Kent
74 Rico Brogna
75 Bobby Jones

1996 Select Mets Artist Proof (Want List): 4,46,61,72,85,148,162,173

1996 Signature Rookies Old Judge T-96 Autographed Mets: New set as of 4/15/09, Thanks to Jack Downs, Trading Bases. I have the following

1996 SP Special FX Mets (Want List): Updated 11/6/7, Thanks to Dave Keller, Trading Bases, OCT and The Dugout, Brian Walker, VCT and The Dugout and Bill Ashton, OBC. I need
13 Paul Wilson
46 Rey Ordonez
Special FX Die cuts (Have): 7/48

1996 SP Top Ten Prospect: New Set as of 12/24/04, Thanks to Tom Moss, Trading Bases. I have the following

1996 Sportsflix Artist Proof Mets (Have): New set as of 12/26/13, Thanks to Colin Mercer, Trading Bases. I have the following:

1996 SPX Gold: (Want List): Updated 4/28/17, Thanks to Stu Gash. I need
40 Jason Isringhausen

1996 Stadium Extreme Player Bronze: (Want List): Update 3/10/16. I need
Todd Hundley
Jeff Kent
John Franco
Jason Isringhausen
Rico Brogna

1996 Stadium Extreme Player Silver (Want List): Update 10/24/16, Thanks to John Miller, OCT. I need

Todd Hundley
Bill Pulsipher
John Franco
Jason Isringhausen
Jose Vizcano

1996 Stadium Extreme Player Gold (Want List): Updated 3/11/16, Thanks to Quincy Wong, Trading Bases and Jim Nelson, The Bench. I need:
Todd Hundley
Jeff Kent
John Franco
Jose Vizcano
Rico Brogna

1996 Summit Above and Beyond (Want List): Updated 12/16/16, Thanks to Quincy Wong, Damian Varga and David Corliss, Trading Bases and Al Smith, Trading Bases and the Bench. I need:
93 Butch Huskey
132 Bernard Gilkey

1996 Team Out Game: New set as of 10/5/11, Thanks to Larry McGowan, Trading Bases. I have the following:
Todd Hundley, Rey Ordenez

1996 Ultra Mets Gold (Want List) : Updated 4/26/17, Thanks to Stu Gash 5x, and David Corliss, Trading Bases and Joel Freedman, OBC. I need:
244 Jason Isringhausen
510 Juan Acevedo

1996 Upper Deck Hobby Predictor Mets (Want List): Updated 12/15/15, Thanks to Gary Sitze, Trading Bases and Ron Taylor. I need:
H59 Rey Ordonez

Happy Trading,
Kevin Martens