I am attending a golf tournament in January with a lot of celebrities. It's mostly the same guys each year so this year I'm doing consignments. I will be posting prices shortly but here is a list of names to see if there is interest. Most will be in the $5 to $50 range, plus return postage to me. This is a non-memorabilia event, so I can't do jerseys, balls, bats, helmets, magazines, etc. Just cards, CD covers, index cards, maybe small photos. I also have 8x10 blank photo sheets available that I can get signed with blue sharpie (although some will not sign those). I will try my best to get your item signed in the color you request (I always go for blue sharpie myself), but no guarantees since signers often use whatever pen is given to them first.

NOTE: I do have unsigned cards of some of these guys that I'd include for the autograph price (so you wouldn't have to send me the card, just the consignment fee and return postage). I also have CDs for a few of the guys, the covers will be in good shape, the cases may be cracked/damaged, as I'm picking them up used for the most part.

The event is in mid-January so I'd need all items by January 10th. There are of course, no guarantees of who will sign.

You would send the item to me with a post-it note on the back with your name, and return postage (i.e. SASE, addressed and stamped bubble mailer, etc.).
If I cannot get the item signed, I just send the item back to you using your return postage.
If I get the item signed, you send me the consignment fee. Once I receive payment, I send the autographed item back to you using your return postage.

Marcus Allen football - only signs tournament paper sheet $15
Ray Allen basketball $80 (have never seen him sign at this event)
Josh Beckett baseball $15
Lee Brice music $15
Roger Clemens baseball $30
Mark DeRosa baseball $5
Josh Donaldson baseball $20
Mardy Fish tennis $10
Larry Fitzgerald football $35
Colt Ford music $10
Terry Francona baseball $15
Tom Glavine baseball $25
Denny Hamlin racing $10
Toby Keith music - used CDs available $35 (would include one of my used CDs and shipping)
Larry The Cable Guy comedy $20
Jon Lester baseball - tough signer $80
Greg Maddux baseball - tough signer $60
Kevin Millar baseball $5
Mark Mulder baseball $5
Phil Nevin baseball $5
Bud Norris baseball $5
Blair O'Neal golf and model $10
Carson Palmer football $25
Patrick Peterson football $20
AJ Pierzynski baseball $10
Alfonso Ribeiro actor $20
Jerry Rice football - tough signer $75
Rob Riggle actor $10
Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) actor $15
Ivan Rodriguez baseball $70
Jeremy Roenick hockey $10
Joe Don Rooney (Rascal Flatts) music - used CDs available $30 (would include used CD and shipping)
Mark Rypien football $15
John Smoltz baseball $25
Cole Swindell music - new CDs available (cases may be cracked) $35 (would include new CD and shipping)
Golden Tate football $20
Brian Urlacher football - tough signer (often only signs B with a line) $40
Jack Wagner actor $10
Tim Wakefield baseball $15
Michael Waltrip racing $10

Finally, I do have items signed by most of these guys from the several years I've attended the golf tournament, some are for sale as well.