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Thread: Short prints for trade looking for 2018 heritage

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    Lightbulb Short prints for trade looking for 2018 heritage

    Good morning I have a few cards I would like to put out on the trade block first will be a 2017 Stadium Club number 64 Aaron judge black the second card I'm looking to trade is a 2018 Clayton Crenshaw number 350 series 1 SSP also a 2018 Topps archive o h t a n i number 50 photo variation batting and last but not least a 2018 V Star Manny Margot autograph this is card fsa Mr. all these cards are fresh pack pulls that were taken directly out of the pack into a penny sleeve into a hard case holder I would believe any and all would be tens anywhere along the line also have 60 mm 16 17 and 18 Topps reflectors rainbows goals pinks and assorted parallels there are stars in these there are good ones in these please PM me for an exact list of players would like to trade as one set and one last trade-off for available 500 2018 Topps heritage High numbers and low number cards mine is short prints and inserts but not - rookie cards as an even trade also as a lot for one or two Heritage items that I may not have such as box loaders thank you for looking please PM me with any questions I will be glad to send you photos of any of these cards I just do not know how to download them onto this site I am new at this I do understand I need to ship to you first which is not a problem I thank you for looking

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    Do you know bv on the Ohtani card? What are you looking for in trade? I have a few 18 Heritage SP cards. Thanks Billy

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    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you I don't know the book value I will find out though tomorrow I do have three Heritage of that I also have the rookie new-age ones and probably 10 to 12 other of his rookie cards to choose from I'm looking for basically minor Stars Austin Meadows Calhoun Adams such as that and any game-used autographed cards especially low value ones extremely low value I'll get back to you and let's see if we can work out a trade let me know what exactly you're looking for 2 please

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    Check my trade list. I don't collect many auto or g/u. I have a few on my site. Mainly looking for Ohtani cards I don't have of his rookie year. Thanks Billy

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    You sent me a pm this is the thread I was asking about. Thanks Billy

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