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Thread: Looking for lower grade vintage set help!

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    Hello - I can hit quite a few of your 1969 needs ...but ... what I have are all in EX+/NM or better. Would you have any EX+/NM from 1965, 1972, or 1973 for trade. Grading is relatively a bit important to me - thanks
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    I did my best to explain everything in my original post. I think only a couple have read it. Thanks for the reply, but I won't be able to help. Sorry!

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    I have these for trade from 1970 football:


    I'm confident that I have more of these from other years (in football and baseball as well). For now though, let me know what you have for 1968-1970 baseball.


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    I have quite a few extras. But I'm certain that they will be lower grade. Thanks for the reply, Bill.

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