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    FT Cubs HOF Autos, Gued, Gued Patches

    Have these cubs greats autos and gued ft. Looking for hof on card auto. Will trade in your favor, your auto for my gued. But if I'm trading down, expect the trade to be in my favor

    Cubs HOF Autos
    Jenkins 2014 topps supreme styling die cut #/20
    Jenkins 2006 fleer gotg cubs greats #/30
    Jenkins 2003 donruss studio enshirnment #/50
    Jenkins 2013 panin America's pastime majectic marks #/24
    Williams, Billy 2015 leaf legends of sport #1/5

    Cubs HOF game used and game used patches
    Dawson 2002 dk diamond kings 1 bat card #/500 and 1 jersey w/stripe card #/200
    Sutter 2007 triple threads jersey #/27
    Billy Herman 2002 topps tribute uniform
    Jenkins 2005 leaf cert materials fotg #/31
    Sandberg 2003 flair greats classic numbers jersey
    Sandberg 2001 sp leg cuts bat
    Sandberg 2005 sp leg cuts lasting legends patch 2 colors #/10 (gonna be htg)
    Santo 2005 dk legends bat/bat #/100
    Billy Willians 2004 sp game used patch 3 colors-yellow/green/white #/50 (pictured as cub, cubs logo on card.. patch probably from Oakland)
    Maddux 2004 hot prospects draft edition 2 patches #/50 cubs 3 colors/ braves 3 colors...pictured as cub on the card

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    Looking for HOF Gued and Autos. I trade bv:bv, more or less. Heavily your way if you want my base, inserts, parallells

    Trading in the US only

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