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Thread: sorting cards from partial sets over the years into team sets...and I have questions

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    sorting cards from partial sets over the years into team sets...and I have questions

    I don't know what to do with contender type cards,and other college uniform cards. Take,for instance,Anquan Boldin...maybe with a rookie draft card like Leaf or Sage I put him with the Cardinals...but what about the later years when he played for the Ravens,49ers,Lions and or Bills? The cards have no dedicated team except the college...I'm lost.,and what about the draft cards where the player was not drafted or signed by an NFL team ? Some input is greatly appreciated.......Also have a few oddballs like WFL that I don't know how to file away

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    one obvious solution could be some college lots....other options could be lots of players by player , position , year , brand , or simply splitting up cards like your boldin example among the various teams he played for throughout his career...
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    I put players college cards no matter what year with the team that Drafted them. If they were an unsigned free agent I try to find out who signed them their first year or put them with the team were they first dressed in a pro uniform or were part of the active roster at that time.

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    Thanks for the info guys...I don't have enuff to even fool with college lots,but that's a great idea if I get more...

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