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Thread: 1991 Pro Set Football Inserts

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    1991 Pro Set Football Inserts

    Hi everyone!

    Random question about a random set, I know...but I'm looking for info on the insert "Special Collectible" 5-card insert set for 1991 Pro Set Football.

    I found a checklist that identifies cards 1, 3, 4, 5 as SC1-Super Bowl XXVI, SC3-Jim Thorpe, SC4-Otto Graham, and SC5-Paul Brown. But I can't find any info on card #2.

    There does seem to be another card in the set that is identified as "Pro Set Special 2 - Red Grange." Is this supposed to be the second card in that set or is it from an unrelated insert set?

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated!


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    Here is a list of inserts on the 1991 Pro Set football issue that should help answer your questions. I see what you are talking about with a lack of an SC2 card. There might not have been one.

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    I looked at an old Beckett Football annual and there is no SC2 in that either. I don't think the Red Grange card is the missing SC2 card as the Walter Payton insert is numbered PSS1. It looks like Pro Set had no rhyme or reason for numbering their inserts as the numbers of their 1990 inserts are even more random then those of the 1991s.

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    @SymphonicMetal - Thanks! Trading Card DB was the checklist I was working from when I realized the numbering issue.

    If SC2 isn't in the Beckett, I'm going to say it must not exist. Weird.


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