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Thread: Misc pocket skeds, ticket stubs..

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    Misc pocket skeds, ticket stubs..

    programs, memo, etc. - NCAA, pros minors etc..

    what are you interested in?

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    Can you let me know what Philadelphia sports stuff you have? LMK. Thanks!

    Baseball - Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Phillies (in PHI uniform)
    Hockey - Valeri Kamensky, Chris Bala, Patrick Rissmiller, Bob Kudelski, & Autos/#ed/Base cards of Flyers (in PHI uniform)
    Football- Philadelphia Eagles Autographs
    Golf - Tiger Woods

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    Scobes - PM sent

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    Have any basketball?

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    UKVinny - sent you a PM

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    Any Braves?
    FANATIC Glavine collector and collect Irod-Jackie-Ted
    Now a GOLDEN EAGLE 60+ yrs out of BC

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    Steelers, Celtics, Nebraska
    Collecting Terry Bradshaw and players from the 70's Steelers Super Bowl teams, Larry Bird, and John Havlicek

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