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Thread: 1987 Topps "Rediscover Topps" Buybacks

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    1987 Topps "Rediscover Topps" Buybacks

    I am looking to purchase or trade for 1987 Topps "Rediscover" RED or BLUE colored stamps (that I don't already have)

    I am also interested in the following 1987 Topps "Rediscover Topps" stamped buybacks (any color stamp):

    Card Player
    200 PETE ROSE
    480 JIM RICE

    Let me know what you have...I am sure we can work something out!
    Thank you

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    1987 Topps "Rediscover Topps" Buybacks

    Still searching...

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    1987 Topps "Rediscover Topps" Buybacks

    My quest continues...

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    1987 Topps "Rediscover Topps" Buybacks


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    I should have a few, at least. I just came across all of my buybacks yesterday, so I know right where I need to go. If you have ANY Ryne Sandberg buybacks (any years/any colors), I'm interested too. I'll get back to you tonight. -Eric

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    I've got these 2: #54 Bill Dawley BLUE & #194 Kirk McCaskill RED. Let me know if you want them

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    1987 Topps Rediscover buybacks

    Yes, I am definitely interested. PM sent.
    Sorry to respond so late. I haven't been on the site for a couple weeks.

    Thank you for responding to my thread

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    I have 87 Topps Blue Stamp John Kruk if you need that.
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    Yes, I am interested in trading or purchasing. PM sent.

    Thank you for responding to my thread

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    My trade list says I have this Blue: 1987 #279 Plesac MIL.

    Looking for any help with my 2020 Series 1 inserts here:

    Set wants are on my tradepage; also interested in any Ripken card I don't yet have. PWEs with toploaders are OK for 1 or 2 card non-GU/auto trades. If I don't respond to your post, please PM me - I work crazy hours (and a lot of them!).

    Collecting Cal Ripken, Rick Dempsey, Buster Posey, and Paul Goldschmidt.

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    I happen to have a red colored rediscover stamp for 1987 #279 Plesac, so I will pass on the blue colored stamp.

    I might have a Rick Dempsey buyback you can have...I will take a look and see if I can find one for you. I have a ton of buyback cards...

    Thank you for responding to my thread.

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    Would you want any of these?

    Gold Foil
    #151 Mike Lacoss

    Silver Foil
    #237 Jim Morrison
    #459 Dennis Eckersley
    #563 John Stefero
    #724 Greg Minton

    #31 Braves Leaders
    #178 Cecil Fielder
    #187 Mark Huismann
    #569 Wade Rowdon
    #589 Darrell Porter
    #676 Charlie Moore

    lmk thanks
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    dan5 - I am only looking for red and blue colored stamps for the 1987 Topps Rediscover buybacks, except for the six cards I listed...I would be interested in any stamp color on those.

    Thank you for responding to my post

    3greyhounds - I have a 1987 Topps Rediscover Bronze Rick Dempsey that I will send you as a thanks for responding to my post. I just need you to send me a PM with your address

    Thank you!

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    i have the 89 topps blue foil buyback #678 dion james
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    1987 Topps Rediscover buybacks

    Thanks, caoverstreet12, for posting but looking for 1987 Topps Rediscover red and blue colored stamped buybacks and any color stamp for the following 1987 Topps Rediscover buybacks:

    Card Player
    200 PETE ROSE
    480 JIM RICE

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