There are 13 cards in varying condition.
Looking for $8 Dlv. or trade.

#3 Olszewski-Paper loss on outside of card. Picture of player is fine, back is clean

#4 Dibble- Couple light creases on top right of card. Picture of player is fine, back is clean.

#5 Crow-worst of lot, Picture of player is not bad, top right corner missing, back is decent with slight stain on bottom right

#5 Crow-Ex type 20/80 centering, back is clean

#13 Walston-tiny paper loss top center, picture is fine, no creases but light print line. Back is clean.

#18 Boydston- Creases and tiny paper loss bottom left. Back has slight stain on top, crease bottom right.

#22 Carson-2nd worst of lot. rounded corners, creases.

#31 Leggett-2 small stains and a couple paper wrnkles.

#45 Brito-corner dings with 2 creases bottom right.

#58 Watkins- would be Ex but tiny creases bottom left.

#123 Leo Sanford-crease top right corner, Centered well,stain upper left on back

#154 Bratkowski-crease on front centering 5/95 L/R/

55 Topps All American #72 Chub Peabody-
2 light creases, 50/50 T/B,95/5 L/R VG corners

Can use 2014 and newer in pro uni junk GU/autos. Can use Topps Commerative 2009 patches and 2019 150 relics from both series. Like the old timers but if I need them for my set I will do the trade.