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Thread: 2019 Topps Archives ICHIRO record breaker auto #/10

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    2019 Topps Archives ICHIRO record breaker auto #/10

    Anyone have a idea on what this should go for?

    1978 Record Breakers

    RBA-I Ichiro (Red Parallel redemption)

    Got a respectable offer but still think it's a little low

    Remember we didn't stop playing because we grew up, we grew up because we stopped playing!

    2007 Sweet Spot classic needs Base #/575

    Want List [url][url]

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    I collect a little bit of everything...Always looking for Thome's that I dont have.

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    I hate to be the new guy who comes in at a low price, but Ichiro has been signing a lot lately, which has been driving down his prices. Though $500 may be an accurate amount for what this would have been a year ago, I think it is a bit high. Pleanty of 1/1 Ichiro Autos can be had for under $500, plus this is a redemption, so even though he is signing a lot now, maybe he slows down and this never gets made.
    Redemptions also always go for less than the live card.

    All of that together, I would say probably in the $300-350 range. If someone offered you above that I would immediately pounce on it.

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