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Thread: Posting photos on threads here...

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    Posting photos on threads here...

    Hi. Can anyone give a detailed step-by-step instructional on how to post photos here on a thread? Thank you, Rooster.

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    1. Take photo

    2. Find photo hosting site

    3. Upload photo to site.

    4. Find link from photo site to plug into forum.

    For example: I use When I upload a photo there, click on the photo in question, it gives me two choices. One box starts with < a href blah blah blah...> The other starts with [ url = something...] You want the second one. Copy, and paste.

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    thank you, I'll give it a try....

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    I have trouble loading pics also. I'll try this when I return from my deployment.


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    The HTML code once you load it to the site is.........


    Basically start and stop..........The http:// whatever the site is goes in the middle.........

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