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Thread: WTTF: 2019 Topps Series 1 & 2

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    WTTF: 2019 Topps Series 1 & 2

    I'm looking to wrap up my 2019 Topps base set. Willing to trade inserts and/or in your favor to wrap this up!

    View my cards for trade here.


    Still Need: 381 383 438 458 476 579 670 695
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    Hi , I can possible help, answer sow I can look tomorrow.
    Hi traders I'm looking for HOF autos and GU's cards I need ,Roberto Alomar Cards I don't have and Puerto Rican Players cards ,Any help would be great!!!

    My Bucket!

    Trade by search Team,Players,Brand,Year!!

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    Thanks Milo! Let me know.


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    I 've got all your Series 1 needs except 102. Also have 358 472 from series 2

    I could use these:
    2011 Topps Heritage C12 "NL Batting Leaders (Carlos Gonzalez, Joey Votto, Omar Infante & Troy Tulowitzki)" "Colorado Rockies, Cincinnati Reds & Atlanta Braves" Base - Variant Chrome Refractor 148 of 562
    2019 Topps Heritage 475 JD Martinez

    Let me know.
    Thanks, Steve
    Looking for any set fillers, Reds cards, and T206 originals

    Mail 1-2 cards in PWE, all else in bubble mailer or boxes for large trades.

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    I have one off your list that you need - 145. I could send it to you for the 2019 Topps Pablo Reyes card on your tradelist.

    If that works for you, go ahead and post!

    Looking to continue my Pittsburgh Pirates autograph collections.

    2000 to present: 410/507 (latest: Craig Hansen)

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    @moose2438 - Thanks but I think I have that covered by another trade.


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    good morning jeremy, would you accept my
    2019 topps #'s 351-362-363
    for your
    2019 topps iconic card reprint # 51?

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    Hi, I found you this #31 145 171 379 425 596. Could you give me this 2018 Topps Update S-22 Gleyber Torres New York Yankees Insert ?

    PWE is ok ..
    Hi traders I'm looking for HOF autos and GU's cards I need ,Roberto Alomar Cards I don't have and Puerto Rican Players cards ,Any help would be great!!!

    My Bucket!

    Trade by search Team,Players,Brand,Year!!

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    I need this from your site

    19 Topps Gold /2019
    395 Andrew McCutchen

    I can send you these....

    85 143 240 243 295 375 434 467 570 575 586 634 650 664 682

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    I have for you 28 31 53 145 171 178 195 202 254 263 293 295 317 358 519 664
    if you still need
    Please continue to visit my pages. They are dynamically changes showing my current needs and my current cards available. The program used interfaces with the Baseball Card Inventory (for needs) and SportLots for cards available.

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    hi. I have these series 2 base cards for you. lmk if you have a 2019 gold or inserts of dodgers or angels. lmk thanks. Larry

    2019 TOPPS S-2 # 425. 428, 555, 682,
    looking to trade for rookies auto.s jerseys. i will trade for rookies . or game used and auto,s in baseball.. and. lmk what cha got.

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    Hi Desertdogg-

    Definitely interested in those four. Interested in any of these?

    2019 Topps 283 Rich Hill Los Angeles Dodgers Base - Variant Advanced Stat Line Variant 69 of 150
    2019 Topps Heritage CCR-CK Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers Game Used Clubhouse Collection
    2019 Topps Heritage NAP-25 Walker Buehler Los Angeles Dodgers Insert New Age Performers
    2019 Topps 456 Austin Barnes Los Angeles Dodgers Base - Variant Rainbow Foil Variant
    2019 Topps T84-23 Cody Bellinger Los Angeles Dodgers Insert 1985 Topps 35th Anniversary Chrome Refractor

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    PM coming your way.
    Six cards or less will go out via PWE unless they are GU's or Auto's. Please don't send damaged cards to me because I will send them right back and you will be responsible for the postage. I don't mean to sound stern, but this has happened to me way too often and it's very frustrating. Hope you understand. My traders are listed on my webpage


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    marking for later. Let me know if this list is up to date. I should be able to finish 2019 for you but I have a few other things to finish first.

    I collect Topps/Topps Traded/Topps Chrome - base and inserts
    Base card wantlist -
    Insert card wantlist (2nd post is inserts for trade) -

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