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Thread: Wttf: medium flat rate box of MN vikings for your team

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    Wttf: medium flat rate box of MN vikings for your team

    Looking for team collectors
    Have most team except:
    Range from 1980s-2018
    Looking to trade medium flat rate box full of your team for MN vikings if you can fill full of vikings there are a bunch of players non vikings I will take. Also could trade for smaller quantities but then wanna be specific.
    Also a plus if we can exchange a few auto or jersey cards of our teams with the box

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    I might be interested if you send first so I know what I'm matching. Don't need a box of commons. Would take Dolphins and if you don't have enough, fill with Falcons and Walking Dead if you have any.

    Who are the other players in case I'm a little short. I get rid of all my commons locally, but I have some that I haven't yet, to go with the mostly $1 and up stuff I'd send. Pretty sure I have some auto/gu to throw in too.
    Looking for team traders. I need current Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons. Still taking Vick! Will consider HOF players too.

    Looking for certified autos of these members of the 1986 NY Mets: Ojeda, Aguilera, Elster, K. Mitchell, D Heep, L Mazzilli, D Sisk, T Leach, R Niemann, E Hearn, R Myers, S Fernandez and D Johnson MGR.

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