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Thread: WTS Factory/Team/Player/Event/Oddball Sets & Items

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    WTS Factory/Team/Player/Event/Oddball Sets & Items

    WTS Factory Sets/Team/Player/Event Oddball Card Sets & Items

    Team/Player/Event Oddball Card sets & Items
    Time has come (retiring shortly) to downsize my collection greatly. Been collecting since late 80's and have LOTS of factory sets, insert sets, odd ball sets, etc I'm going to sell. (Of course, I'd trade for MLB HOF on card autos since I'm keeping that open)

    Some of the sets are sealed and some opened. Those that have been opened are complete and were only opened to make sure they were complete. (In the late 80s thru mid 90s, app 25% of the factory "sets" I opened were not complete or had damaged cards, so I opened most to be sure and replaced cards as needed. If set is sealed, I'll note that).

    Selling around low book (may have to look at ebay) PLUS SHIPPING (not gonna sell a set for $4 total and costs $5 to ship). $25 min in cards to make it worth my time and your postage. Payment by check, postal mo, cash at your risk

    I'll be listing stuff as I have time. Any particular set/mfg you'd like?...plmk and I'll list them..have reg factory sets, trades, donruss rookies, etc....SO CHECK BACK OFTEN
    Also, Lots of Classic game sets

    Factory Boxes/Containers
    1992 donruss/coca cola Nolan ryan career series 26 cards
    1992 pinnacle mickey mantle 30 card set (sealed)
    1995 ud impressions mickey mantle 5 card set (metal embossed)
    1995? classic impressions Nolan ryan 5 card set (metal embossed)
    1993 pinnacle DiMaggio 30 card set
    1993 pinnacle hr club 48 cards bonds. McGwire, Thomas, ripken
    1992 ud major league bb team holographic set 54 cards ripken Griffey, Thomas
    2004 Mitchell & neese pennant 1939 reds/yankees world series
    2001 fleer red sox 100th anniversary....have the truck included in boxes of this set. truck is in original box, with a little tear on the box (truck is about 9.5" x 2")
    2001 fleer red sox 100th anniversary set
    1992 pinnacle rookies lofton, clayton
    1999 Headliner XL Jeter figure in original box, ser #0094/5,000 with coa card visible on back
    1999 Upper Deck McGwire 500 hr set (sealed)
    1998 Upper Deck McGwire chase for 62 set
    1999 ud tribute to McGwire 30 card set in a lunchbox (sealed)
    1993 Upper Deck All Time Heroes of Baseball ALL Star FanFest set 4 t-202 series card featuring Mantle, Willams, Reggie, sealed (only 3 names on box)
    2004 world champions Boston Red Sox World Series Commemorative set 55 cards (sealed)
    1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan Texas Express set 110 cards
    1992 Pacific Nolan Ryan Texas Express set 110 cards
    2001 Upper Deck Ichiro tribute to 51 set (sealed) 25 cards + commemorative card
    1994 World Champion Mets 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Post Card set ..Berra, Ryan, Seaverů.and Ron Swoboda card is autographed
    2010 Topps NY Yankees 27 World Championships set (sealed) 1 player card from each championship...Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Reggie, jeter, etc
    1995 post Collector's Series 16 players Bagwell, Griffey, Maddus, Piazza, Ripken, others
    2002 just Prospects 41 card set w/Mike Fontenot auto
    2003 UD National Team Set with Mark Romanczuk red auto, Mike Nickeas gued/red auto and DUSTIN PEDROIA RED AUTO (Pedrioa alone books $40)
    1994 pinnacle 25 up-and-coming power hitters Thomas, Bagwell, piazza, Griffey (sealed)
    1994 pinnacle new generation piazza, chipper...25 cards total (sealed)
    1993 pinnacle cooperstown card collection 30 cards ryan, brett, sandberg, bonds, griffey, McGwire
    2003 NY Yankees 100th anniversary 1 card for each championship, +2 matsui rookie highlights cards
    1996 ud all star card set 18 3.5x5 cards Thomas, ripken, Griffey, piazza, bonds
    1992 ud all star fanfest 54 cards
    1993 us diamond gallery
    1997 ud collector's choice yankees team set 13 cards (sealed)
    1997 ud collector's choice induans team set 13 cards (sealed)
    1994 post rookie star 30 cards sealed, piazza on front, Orlando merced on back
    2000 usps legends of baseball 20 cards w/stamp image Jackie, ruth, cobb, Gehrig, etc
    2006 usa bb national teams box set 50 card set ian kennedy patch #/29, Darwin barney/mike moustakas dual auto, autos of jp arcencibia, Jarrod paeker, preston clark, matt newman,roger kieschnick, mark Reynolds gued, brandon Crawford gued/auto
    1986 sportflics magic motion (75) superstar cards and (51) trivia cards
    1990 topps debut 1989 Griffey, sosa (3 sets)
    1991 topps debut 1990 l gonzaelz, t martinex, Thomas
    1992 topps debut 1991 mussina, irod
    1991 topps mini 792 card set
    1992 topps mini 792 card set
    1999 us playing card co round playing cards picturing parks and scenes

    Hand Collated
    1996 stadium club mickey mantle 19 card set
    1996 topps mantle set 19 cards
    1992 score mantle set 7 cards
    1994 score/burger king(?) cal ripken jr gold set 9 cards
    1991 silver star/field of visions hologram set justice/Henderson/ripken/ryan with authenticket (all tickets serial #/ed the same, cards are NOT ser #'ed)
    1998 fleer sports collector's convention mickey mantle 7 cards 5 over size, 2 normal
    Looking for HOF Gued and Autos. I trade bv:bv, more or less. Heavily your way if you want my base, inserts, parallells

    Trading in the US only

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    Looking for HOF Gued and Autos. I trade bv:bv, more or less. Heavily your way if you want my base, inserts, parallells

    Trading in the US only

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