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Thread: beckett baseball

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    beckett baseball

    Just a bit off topic but Would anyone have a recent Beckett Baseball that they are no longer using and are just going to throw out??? Can't find one in my area and I don't want to subscribe either. Will pay costs to ship it to me.

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    yeah I do its november 2019. or you can trade me some trout inserts or parallels.whatever you prefer.lmk

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    Jon.....sorry do not have anything to trade you......Larry

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    ok just pay the postage and post it.will let you know after I mail it

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    Jon, how much do u want for postage??

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    Quote Originally Posted by packerfan1964 View Post
    Jon, how much do u want for postage??

    larry,it was $ it

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    sorry for the delay, yeah i'll post.......i have surgery coming up in a few weeks and have been a little preoccupied with that

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